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  • Published December 13, 2018
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A lush and healthy garden requires meticulous care and attention. Plants are often very delicate and require specific conditions to thrive and flourish.Soil and sunlight are very important factors in maintaining healthy plants but water is arguably the most important. However, an increasingly busy work life means that people don’t often remember to water their plants regularly. This could prove to be unfavourable particularly during the hotter, unforgiving months in Perth. An effective solution is to install reticulation system to ensure that the foliage in the garden is sufficiently watered.

A reticulation system, like any other system requires regular service and maintenance to keep it running at peak performance. There is a high demand for reticulation service especially when the temperature starts to climb during the summer months. An effective reticulation system needs to have high quality parts that are installed properly to function well.Two of the vital parts in a reticulation system are the sprinklers and the controller.

Proper Installation and Care of Sprinklers

The sprinklers and risers should be installed at correct heights and in the right places to allow for proper sprinkler coverage but also to avoid from being hit by a lawn mower. In addition, the water pressure should be high enough to ensure that the reach of the sprinklers extend to all the appropriate areas. A reticulation service will check for any faulty sprinkler heads and perform the necessary repairs or replacements. Broken sprinkler heads will result in uneven watering leaving brown patches or puddles in the garden.

Controller Programming

The controller is the main electronic component of the reticulation system, managing when and how long the sprinklers are turned on. Setting the controller to automatically water the plants within the WA watering restrictions makes it easy for busy people to ensure that their garden is getting the water it needs. But without regular service checks, a controller can possibly malfunction, causing over or under watering. Broken parts, damaged wiring and a dead battery are common problems that can arise with controllers. A professional can easily check the controller, replace the battery and program it to suit your requirements.

At Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation Services, we provide reticulation services and solutions to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your system. We will perform a thorough check on your system and offer our expert opinion on whether your system will need any major repairs such as rewiring or replacing an old controller. Solutions may not always be the fastest or cheapest option, but quick fixes will end up costing you more in the long run. Contact us now at 0424 133 960 to speak to one of team about reticulation services. We provide Perth reticulation services from Mandurah to Joondalup and everywhere in between. We genuinely care for our clients and are dedicated to providing the best solutions for your needs. Our tradesmen are equipped with latest technology to service a variety of irrigation and reticulation systems. As a member of Irrigation Perth Australia, you can be sure to place your trust in us.

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