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  • Published December 12, 2018
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A reticulation system can do wonders for maintaining the plants and shrubbery in the garden. Equipped with smart technology, reticulation systems can be programmed to automatically water every inch of your garden as required. People with busy lifestyles who also desire to have a lush green garden can benefit from having a reticulation system installed. In addition, reticulation systems are cost effective and water saving. With Perth’s water restrictions in place, a proper reticulation system will save loads whilst also keep your garden fresh and green all year long. If you’re thinking of reticulation installation Perth, you may be concerned with the cost of installation and rightfully so. Being an intricate system of pipes, sprinkler heads, solenoids and electronic components, it is a complex installation and a sizeable investment. There a number of factors that will influence reticulation installation cost.

Parts and Equipment

Multiple parts make up the complex reticulation system. From the mechanical parts to the electrical and electronic components, these parts can end up costing a hefty sum, barring the installation fees from the technician, electrician and plumber who is doing the installing. The various brands and manufacturers affect the quality and the cost of the parts. Different brands produce different quality parts for their systems. It is recommended to purchase a whole system from one brand as all the parts are specially made for that system and will work effectively together. High quality parts despite costing more, are likely to last longer and withstand the wear and tear from constant use.

Labour and Expertise

While it is possible to carry out a DIY reticulation installation to cut corners but a professional will have years of experience on their belt and will be able to perform the installation efficiently. With an expert eye, they’ll be able to assess your garden and determine the layout of the system as well as the correct measurements for the installation process. It is an intricate system after all. Hiring a professional to properly install your reticulation system will ensure that the system will run effectively and avoid malfunctions occurring from improper installation that could incur the very costs you were attempting to save.

Post Installation Cost

In addition to the sizeable sum of installation, there are also post-installation costs to consider. A reticulation system requires regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that it is running smoothly when required. Parts like sprinkler heads are often knocked out of place or easily clogged with dirt and debris, and may require repair or replacement. These additional costs are also important to consider when installing a reticulation system.

If you’re looking to install a reticulation system for your home, consider Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation Services. We believe in doings things right the first time and will carry out the reticulation installation to the best of our abilities. Our team of highly trained, qualified professional workers are ready to assist you with you fitting a reticulation system for your garden. We are able to handle all aspects of reticulation, from supply to installation. We offer a wide range of reticulation systems to suit any garden requirements. We value our work and and strive to exceed industry standards to provide our clients with the best service possible. Call us today at 0424 133 950 to book an on site consultation with one of our team to get started with landscape design Perth and reticulation installation today.

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