Taking Care of a Pool in Arizona


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  • Published November 30, 2018
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Pool ownership is a big responsibility. It’s even bigger when you live in an extreme climate like the desert southwest. At Imperial Pools & Design, we want to help commercial and residential pool owners understand how to keep their personal oasis in top shape.

It’s critical that you’re familiar with your equipment and keep an eye on it on a daily basis. Pumps, cleaners, and more run in total of tens of thousands of dollars. The motor on these in extreme heat can take a beating, and that alone is an issue you don’t want to run into in having to replace.

Specifically, here are several things every pool owner in Arizona should have on their maintenance checklist.

Keep the Pool Full

The air in the desert is hot and dry, meaning water evaporates quickly. Even if you have an automatic filler that kicks in when the water level drops, still check your water level once a week. It should be leveled out at halfway up the skimmer. Any lower than this and you are risking damage to the pump.

Know Your Equipment

Good intentions are not always good enough. If you are in the process of building a pool, make sure you listen carefully to any instruction you receive your builder about the equipment used to run your pool, and if you’re an existing pool owner now is the time to pick up the phone or leave an email for your technician with any existing questions you have on how your equipment works.

Missing out on details such as when to clean your filters or the number of hours to run your pump may seem small and inconsequential if the your pool still appears to be fine the next day, but they can add up over time and lead to very costly repairs or replacements down the road.

Run The Pool Pump Long Enough

Residential pool pumps should be running a minimum eight hours a day to keep the pool clean. Another recommendation is to keep the pump running for another hour for every ten degrees. So for a 100 degree day, run the pump ten hours, varying on the size of your pool and equipment.

Running the pump during non-peak hours is also important. Know how big your pump is an how much water it’s turning over. All that water should be turned over in 24-hour period for maximum clarity. Make time for a basic cleaning routine.

Keep a Basic Cleaning Routine

Spend 30 minutes a week emptying the skimmer basket, skimming out leaves and debris, and brushing down the pool and water-line tile and testing the pool water. Backwash if necessary.

Know Pool Chemistry

Chlorine is another product you’ll go through quickly on the hot Arizona summer days. The more you’re using your pool, the more sanitizer it will need. Not only should you be paying attention to chlorine levels, also know the ph in your pool too. These levels should read between 7.2 and 7.8 for the chlorine to work effectively. Alkalinity should also balance in as well. Water testing kits or testing strips, depending on how you prefer to check levels, are available through your local pool supply store.

Understanding this little bit of chemistry and how sanitizer, pH, and alkalinity work together will keep a safe environment for swimmers along with preventing algae build-up.

Remember What You’ve Bought

Let’s talk inheriting a pool from a newly bought home, building a new one, or maintaining an existing one. All three ways, you have tens of thousands of dollars at stake that you want to be mindful of.

In all three situations, make sure you’ve hired a reputable pool service to take care of your maintenance. If you live in southern Arizona, the choice should be clear with Imperial Pools & Design. No one beats our expertise and the quality of work we put in for our clients. We also offer discounts on products we have affiliations with such as Hayward cleaners.

In general, homeowners should always check credentials of maintenance providers such as whether they belong to reputable associations and professional organizations in the industry. Check reviews online, call for quotes, ask around in your neighborhood, and meet with the people you want to hire before hand to ensure you trust them to touch your pool every month.

When buying a home with a pool, check to ensure the equipment is in working order and if the pool needs resurfacing. If either of these need completing, you’re looking at an expense of thousands of dollars added on to the purchase of the home. If you have concerns, there’s no harm in hiring a maintenance service to come out and perform an inspection of the pool and the equipment. They’ll look for things you wouldn’t think to see, such as leaks on the equipment, air bubble signaling a suction leak, resurfacing needs, pitting, cracking, gouging, or peeling plaster.

We wish you the very best as you complete your next pool build or get ready to inherit a pool. We’re always here for you at Imperial Pools & Design. Give our team a call today for all your pool needs.

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