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  • Published January 14, 2019
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Choosing a suitable colour palette for landscape design can be a daunting task. Colour has great power to affect mood and perception: warm colours like reds and oranges tend to stimulate and excite the viewer whereas cool colours like blues and purples create a relaxing atmosphere. Your colour choices will greatly affect the feeling of the space and subsequently how the space is used. When looking to add colour to outdoor spaces, many often place their focus on flowering shrubs and blooming trees, neglecting other elements in the process. But flowers, pretty as they might be do require careful attention and can be challenging for people without green thumbs. Here are some ways to add colour to your landscaping efforts without the hassle of tending to sensitive seasonal flowers.


Seating and entertaining areas are great ones to spruce up with colour. A statement table and some fun chairs can be an appealing focal point for your outdoor space. For the budget conscious, old furniture can be renewed with a coat of paint in a bright or unusual hue. If you’re looking for a more customisable option, consider adding colourful cushions and seat covers. There are easily changed out for different seasons and occasions, allowing the space to feel fresh and invigorating. Get creative with patterns and prints for a vibrant and appealing look!


Using colour pots and planters to accent your plants is another appealing solution to incorporating colour to garden, especially if most of your plants are known for their lush leaves. Colourful plants can be a refreshing twist to a dull space. Play with different shapes, sizes, colours and textures to find your perfect fit. They are an excellent way to add interest to a shady area where flowers may not bloom but a shade-loving plant

Tiles and Panels

Decorative tiles and panels come in a range of different colours and finishes and can be used to add pops of colour to an otherwise dull space. A tile in a bold colour or pattern is a simple way to add colour to stairs, countertops and any outdoor feature. Similarly, a coloured panel can break up a plain wall and complement the surrounding furniture and foliage.

Using colour in your garden and landscape design Perth doesn’t have to be a difficult affair. If you’re looking to incorporate pops of colour to your outdoor space, consider Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation Services. Our landscape designers are experienced and will be able to assist you with colour choices. We are dedicated to creating beautiful and natural environments to enhance the architectural structure of any property. We offer high quality, practical solutions and pride ourselves on our ability to create functional and attractive landscaping solutions. We insist on on site consultations to properly assess the space and work with you to create an appealing garden based on your needs and requirements. Contact us today at 0424 133 950 to book a consultation today. Our team of highly trained, experienced landscape designers are ready to answer any queries you might have about garden design Perth.

Using colour in your garden and landscape design Perth doesn’t have to be a difficult affair.

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