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  • Published January 22, 2019
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When it comes to landscaping design, greenery and foliage are often what come to mind. Hardscaping elements play an equally important role as plants and flowers in creating a cohesive and attractive outdoor space. Hardscaping covers all non living things in the garden, including patios, pathways, water features, fire pits etc. A garden lacking in hardscaping design would be devoid of structure and incomplete. Here are a few reasons why hardscaping is a crucial part of landscaping services Perth.

Practical Value

The fundamental feature about hardscaping is that it is functional. Paved pathways and other hard structures in the garden act as a foundation for the design and placement of softscape elements. Hardscaping provides support for structures that would sink on bare soil, as well as levelling out any unevenness in the ground. Railings and lighting act as necessary safety elements in the garden, ensuring that people do not slip and fall whilst they are enjoying the premises. Outdoor furnishings and water features add areas of rest and calmness to a landscape design by allowing people to sit and relax. Areas of play would be incomplete without proper pools, courts and playgrounds. Moreover, designing the paved areas can allow for proper drainage to direct runoffs when watering the plants. Not to mention, a complete and well kept garden area will increase the value of your home for any future sales.

Aesthetic Value

In addition to providing structural support, hardscaping elements are also capable of beautifying and balancing the garden. The juxtaposition of hard elements such as stone, brick, metal and glass against organic ones like trees and flowers create visual interest and balance in the garden. Pathways for instance, can be used to direct the eye to focal points in the garden, like a large tree or prized flowers. They also act as areas of visual rest from the business of the foliage, especially if you plan on cultivating many plants. Moreover hardscaping elements can be designed to complement the architecture of your home. By blending and matching the stones and pavers to interior, it creates a sense of continuity, making the space appear larger and more cohesive. Natural stones such as limestone, granite and bluestone are a high quality touch that are not just visually appealing but increases the overall value of your home.

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