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  • Published June 28, 2019
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Is your life the way you wanted?

Do you have the health, wealth and time to do what you love?

If not, what can we start doing to bring about the life we want?

The law of attraction states 'Like attracts like.'

If all we are focusing on is lack and scarcity, that is what we will experience.

Have you ever had this experience? You find that after you have been with people who keeps talking

about lack or how tough their life is, the feeling is very draining.

It is as if the negative energy is now with you.

Likewise, can you imagine the harm you are causing yourself if your self talk

is negative, day in day out...(Your subconscious mind listen to all these and store them)

Having a lot of subconscious blocks is like a field that is overflowing with weeds and yet wanting to get an abundant harvest.

It is like trying to row a boat upstream with the tide against you.

That is what life feels like when we have a lot of inner resistance, we row and row

and pretty nothing much happens.

We get stuck in a rut year after year, having the same level of success in terms

of career, relationships and income level.

Here are some things we can do. We stop/minimize complaining.

  1. Take responsibility for all actions done or undone.

  2. Be determined to do what it takes; to clear out old brain junk that doesn't serve you.

  3. Invest in and use a program that helps you be the greatest version of yourself.

One of the ways this can happen is by self hypnosis. Self Hypnosis works when you put yourself in a suggestible state of mind and feed your mind with positive suggestions.

Here are some steps to get into the suggestible state of mind by doing self hypnosis.

Go to a quiet place where you won't be disturbed by the phone, TV, children or pets.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Take several deep breaths.

Start counting from 1 to 20.

With every count, let yourself become more relaxed.

Imagine you already have what you want.

Make it a full experience.

See, hear and feel what is there.

Take time to immerse yourself in the experience.

If you are a visual person, you might find it easy to see images. Likewise, if you are more of a auditory person, you may hear sounds. Some people might have a keener sense of feel. It is all fine regardless.

Say positive suggestions to yourself related to your concern in the present tense.

For example:"I am in the career I love"

When you feel that the process is completed, slowly count backwards from 10.

Move your arms and legs and orient back to the present moment.

You can do self hypnosis as often as you like.

Over time, these positive messages will sink in and you can feel yourself change in attitudes and experience life with less fear, less worries and more confidence. You will be more empowered and able to deal with whatever life throws at you.

For example, if, in the past, you kept thinking i can't do xxx because I am too__________fill in the blanks, you can change your inner dialogue during self hypnosis to I have learned yyy so I can do the same with xxx and then I can do xxx.

Meditation is a tool we can use to train our mind to focus on

The present which is the ONLY time we have.

If we can learn to fine tune our thoughts and emotions, we will take better actions and decisions and really lead the lives we want.

Trying to go against what our mind has determined is safe or possible for us is not as easy as we think. We are going against years of mental conditioning and preconceived notions.

However all is not lost. We can make use of a weakness that the subconscious mind has. The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and something that is imagined vividly.

Therefore, if we can imagine some reality consistently, believing it to be true, the Universe will bring it into our reality.

Learn how we can communicate with the Universe when we enter Theta brain waves in the meditative state.

We can imprint upon our Subconscious our ideal life in areas pertaining to finances, work and personal relationships.

It is really up to us. Change your inner world and watch your outer world change.

Suzanne Winfred is a fan of personal development. She shares with you what she has learned about the Subconscious mind at

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