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Having trouble in conceiving? Can it be easy to solve childbirth problems? Get solution for ever question with pregnancy prediction horoscope free.

When couples get married, they want a little joy from God to brighten their lives. No materialistic comfort can match the joy of having your own child. All desires and happiness in life revolve around welcoming this bundle of joy in the form of your child.

The idea of bringing new life into this world sounds very sweet and comforting for married couples, but due to unforeseen factors, problems sometimes arise. So, is it realistic for you to see when will i get pregnant according to my birth date free?

The pregnancy prediction by kundali tells about his health, studies, growth, career, etc. The child's prediction is reflected in childbirth kundli. Based on the free prediction of childbirth, you can determine his future prediction along with his course for the future.

Positive factors of pregnancy and childbirth horoscope

• Having a fertile sign in the fifth house.

• Jupiter fits well into the birth horoscope.

• Jupiter aspects the fifth house.

• The presence of the fifth lord in the first house or the first lord in the fifth house.

But as per kundali predictions for child there are many more negatives or obstacles to a successful pregnancy and childbirth, and they should be considered from different angles. Based on pregnancy prediction by date of birth free, Jupiter is a very important planet on which pregnancy and childbirth depend. Whereas if Jupiter is in any of the 6, 8, or 12 houses, it creates serious obstacles to childbirth.

Find out the main periods of Jupiter in your horoscope with the pregnancy prediction report.

Likewise, the owner of 5th house, placed in any of houses 6, 8, or 12, causes problems in childbirth. The presence of Rahu in the fifth house is considered extremely negative for married couple to have children. In fact, as per childbirth prediction in kundli rahu of the fifth house, if it -ve results in the birth of a child, the child sometimes becomes the cause of unhappiness in the life of the native at a later stage.

If such a scenario exists in the pregnancy horoscope, then Jupiter must aspect the fifth house in order to calm Rahu

According to pregnancy astrology by date of birth If a person has negative traits present in their horoscope, then the other must have a positive horoscope for childbirth so that both horoscopes eventually balance for a positive result, or you can talk to an astrologer on the phone about any problem which are you facing....

Consult the kundli child prediction today to find solutions to all your childbirth problems, and for all who have been blessed with the birth of a child, you can go to the pregnancy prediction report to see what stars they have prepared!

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