The Benefits of having a great relationship with your Recruitment Consultant


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  • Published April 11, 2022
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There are many ways to find and get a new job.

Some people will be fortunate to love where they work so are happy to apply for internal jobs that become available. Others may hear of opportunities from their friends or ex-colleagues. It is common for ex-colleagues to persuade people they work well with to move with them if the opportunity arises. If you decide it is time to search for a new job, you can look on LinkedIn or browse recruitment agency websites with job pages.


Another method of job hunting is to find a recruitment agency that specialises in the type of work you are interested in. There are many specialist agencies that deal with engineering jobs, marketing jobs, IT jobs, medical jobs etc. By searching on their website, you are likely to find the best jobs available in your area of expertise.

Searching until you find jobs you are interested in and then applying for them can work well.


A recruitment consultant will work with both companies looking for new staff, and individuals looking for a new job. It is their job to match the best candidates to the most appropriate jobs. If they want to keep earning from a company, they must always find the best candidates so that the company will keep returning when they need new staff. It is for this reason that recruiters like to get to know candidates and work with them over many years.

So instead of just browsing job adverts, Katie Jackson Marketing Recruiter at Kindred Recruitment in London, highly recommends that you get in touch with an appropriate recruitment consultant and speak to them about your job aspirations and requirements.

The benefits to you are many:

• The recruitment consultant can help you improve your CV.

• They can get to know you and will get in touch as soon as they know of a job that may suit you. This means that you don’t need to search the job adverts every day.

• The recruiter will know their client and will know if you are the type of person that they are looking for so can put your CV forward with a good recommendation.

• They can help you prepare for an interview. After all, they want you to get the job and they want the commission.

• If you engage with one recruiter over many years, they will contact you when great jobs become available even if you aren’t actively looking at that time. They will help you build your career.

• A recruitment consultant will know the current salaries and what their client is willing to pay so can help you with salary negotiations when you are offered a job.

If you do want a new job with new challenges and better pay and benefits, we advise finding a recruitment consultant that you like and trust. Let them do their job well and find you the next step in your career journey.

Katie Jackson is a marketing recruitment consultant in London and the owner of marketing recruitment agency, Kindred Recruitment. She is always looking for new marketing talent that she can help on their career journey.

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