Protect your Vehicle with these Tips to Buying a Car Alarm System

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  • Published December 10, 2007
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Are you one of the many car owners thinking of buying an alarm system? If you’re not, then you should. Think about it. The cars we drive around in often times the most expensive items we own. For many people, myself included, they are also the most important things we will ever own.

We use our cars and trucks to get us to all those important places we need to go such as school, work, doctor’s offices and even for food. Needless to say, it’s just a tad bit understandable why we want to protect this important and integral part of our lives any way possible and choose to have car alarm systems installed.

Many people often times make silly, mistakes when shopping for a car alarm system and it’s mostly due to lack of knowledge on the subject. They either don’t know what’s available or what works best for their needs. A lot of times they are pressured into buying an expensive system that they just don’t need from an aggressive salesperson looking to make commission. Here are a few important things you should be aware of before you spend any money on a car alarm system:

  • Before you begin, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about all of the different combo alarm features and options. I found the best way is to simply do a search online. Car alarm systems anymore are now manufactured with multiple modes of detection through wireless communication with your car and another reason why it is so important for you to understand which features are crucial as you look for the right combo alarm system.

  • Read up on something known as glass break sensors. These set off your car alarm system if the windows or windshields are struck hard enough to shatter the glass. These are a great feature to have since most car alarms are only designed to go off if the car’s door is opened.

  • I’m sure after all that previous research you did that you know what remote outputs are. If not, then you should probably go back and read up on them in order to understand how they work. They are actually customized features installed for protection and convenience. An example of one of these is a remote car starter or keyless entry. Most if not all car alarm systems come with one or more of these remote outputs.

  • If you can, try to find an alarm that uses passive arming. This comes in handy for those of us who have alarms but seem to always forget to arm them. A system with a passive arming will do it for you fifteen to twenty seconds after you park and turn your car off.

  • Now that you have a decent understanding of the above mentioned features you can start picking which ones you like. Make a list of all of car alarm system needs and wants and begin creating your combo. You are ready to begin shopping around for an alarm system that fits your lists needs.

  • You have the option to install the alarm system yourself but it takes a lot of skill and knowledge of your cars electrical system. It is best to leave it in the capable hands of an installer. The store or shop you purchased the system from more than likely offers installations on systems they sell. Most times it’s actually part of the total price. Decide whether to install it yourself or have it installed by a professional.

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