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  • Published December 19, 2007
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A Synopsis Of Exhausts - Universal Exhaust A premium Exhausts - Universal Exhaust helps to boost the performance of your car engine. They are long lasting and priced reasonably at a low cost. The exhausts are meant to squeeze out as much power as possible from the engine of the car. Since the engine works properly and efficiently, it means that it does not use as much fuel as it did earlier. This helps in attaining fuel economy. A good exhaust system is quite affordable. They are also quite easy to install. With the ever-increasing rise in the cost of gas, exhaust systems come as a great way to gain fuel economy. Car manufactures have to balance a lot of aspects while designing a car. They have to take care of cost, performance, weight, gas mileage noise and innumerable other factors. Thus they will not be able to provide you the best of exhaust system, as that would send the price of the vehicle skyrocketing. The manufacturers also have to abide by various EPA noise restrictions. Thus they cannot customize cars for all its buyers as they have a huge customer base. But on the other hand, the moment you buy the vehicle, you are free to carry out any kinds of modifications. You can install Exhausts - Universal Exhaust in the car to give your vehicle an energy boost. Many people do not give too much importance to exhaust systems. They feel that the exhaust systems are there just to discharge the waste products. True. This is exactly what the exhaust system does. But the way the wastes are flushed out of the car engine is crucial to the performance of your vehicle. Exhausts - Universal Exhaust performs basically three functions.

The first is to canal out the wastes from the process of burning so that the engine is able to continue with the process and as a result performs smoothly. A good exhaust system permits the waste products to get out of the system rapidly. If these waste products get clogged in the engine, then the whole system will choke. Exhausts - Universal Exhaust also helps to reduce the noise that is produced in the engine. The waste gases and compounds go out of the engine at very high pressure. If these gases were allowed to escape from the engine directly, then it would generate tremendous amount of noise. So in order to reduce the noise, exhaust systems channels the gases via metal plates and tubes known as muffler. The muffler ensures that the noise is minimized. Another important task of the exhaust is to clean up all the emissions that may prove harmful to the environment. When the engine burns the fuel, it emits harmful gases like hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. The exhaust system, with the help of the catalytic converter, cleanses these gases by breaking down the damaging gas compounds. The chemicals present in the catalytic converter act as catalyst. They change the extremely dangerous gas compounds into less destructive ones. In this era of environment conservation, it is almost a criminal offence in some countries not to have a catalytic converter. The converter is very important for the better performance of any exhaust system. Thus if your catalytic converter is not up to the mark, then you need to replace it immediately.

If your exhaust system is not designed properly, then it will make a lot of noise. Also it may harm the performance of your car. So, if you want your car to perform at its optimum, then you must invest in a good exhaust system. The exhausts are quite reasonably priced, so you need not worry.

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