Installing Car Alarms In Your Vehicle For Protection

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  • Published January 2, 2008
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Car alarms are installed in cars in order to reduce the growing number of car thefts. Alarms fitted in the car usually alert the owner of the possible theft attempt. Some alarms also shut down the fuel delivery system so that the thief is not able to start the car. This is helpful when the owner is beyond earshot of the car. Some alarm systems are smart enough to send a text message or dial a preset phone number to inform the owner of any impending trouble.

Some systems also have a GPS system in built to track whether the vehicle is moving or is stationary. This is helpful when you are away on tour or vacation and there is no way you would be able to hear the car alarm. As soon as you receive the car alarm notification, you must inform the police. It is better if the law intervened. The carjackers may be dangerous. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious and not try to tackle it yourself. A car alarm is an electronic device that can be installed in a car to prevent theft. The alarms emit very strong signals in the form of a siren or a horn or any recorded message. The sound comes as soon as the circuit breaches. The alarm system of the vehicle can be designed to set off as soon as a vibration starts or the car is tilted or even if someone touches the car at specific points. At times, the alarm can be set off by accident. This can happen when a large truck crosses the area and causes the car to vibrate or due to a thunder vibration. At times kids playing around the vehicle may accidentally touch the sensitive points of the car and set off the alarm. Since alarms are set off by accident, a majority of the population is immune to the noise of the alarm. Even when the real theft takes place, they think it is a false alarm. This makes the situation worse. Thus, most car manufactures opt for fitting the vehicle with in-built alarms instead of sound producing alarms.

Most alarm systems nowadays come with a GPS tracker. Apart from tracking the location of the car, these systems also have various two-way communication preferences. Car owners are notified via a message or a call whether any thief has broken into the car or not. Vehicle owners can also get in touch with the cars from a distance with the help of GPS tracking options of their car alarms. The tracking systems are advanced enough to let you know whether your car door is open or locked or whether your car engine is running or not. A very desirable feature of the GPS tracker is that the owner can immobilize the vehicle from anywhere and at anytime he wishes to. He can even fiddle with the vibration sensor. The tracker notifies the owner as soon as anyone tries to violate the car security. If the owner has selected the silent mode, the he can take action against the carjacker even before the thief realizes it. If you compare the cost of the GPS system to the cost and hassle of trying to recover a stolen car, it would seem to be a very cheap bargain. The system allows the owner to sleep in peace at night. The owner does not have to live in constant fear of having his car stolen. Moreover, even if it is stolen, the owner knows exactly where to find it.

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