4 Stroke Oil: Making a Difference

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  • Author Ryan Baliza
  • Published July 25, 2006
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Motor oil contributes much to the performance of your ATV. Checking the oil before starting the engine must be done always - without fail. This is important so that you can have unstoppable and hassle free ride. Note that conventional oils tend to vaporize and lose weight in high temperature conditions. This leads to poor oil contribution, decreased in fuel efficiency and excessive emissions and engine wear.

Now 4 stroke oil offers solution to this problem. Formula 4 stroke oil is highly resistant to evaporation. It maintains its viscosity in high temperature service. Its maximum evaporation resistance formula keeps engine wear, oil consumption and emission to a minimum, while keeping oil circulation efficient and fuel economy high. It is well to note that you can use 4 stroke engine oil practically since it is specially designed for four stroke recreational motors including ATV’s, outboard motors and motorcycles.

Today, energy saving oil is introduced. You should understand however that this oil contains additives capable of causing clutch slipping and other troubles. Also, there are needed additives that are not contained in this oil like phosphorus. On the other hand, 4 stroke oil may contain a robust dispersant that makes it ideal for use even in high-stress four-cycle engines. This additive package efficiently suspends harmful combustion by-products and prevents deposits, keeping your four stroke formula clean and functional. 4 stroke oil also contains no friction modifiers. This makes it really ideal for your ATV. Its friction modifier free formulation ensures transmission and clutch compatibility and prevents slip.

High temperature operations often lead to thermal degradation and oxidation of conventional oil causing the formation of deposits, sludge and varnish. On the contrary, the greater oxidative and thermal stability of 4 stroke oil inhibits the formation of these elements. In effect, the equipment runs clean in high-stress, high temperature operations.

While 4 stroke oil promises good performance to your ATV, regular check-up and monitoring to your engine oil remains very necessary. Checking the oil level before you start the engine is a must-do. If necessary, change the oil after 5 hours of initial use when new, after the first five hour break-in period. The oil level must also be checked after every five hours if the engine is running for an extended period of time. Likewise, change the oil after every fifty hours of engine use or every season. You need also to change the oil if the engine is being run under heavy loads or at high temperatures.

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