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  • Published July 30, 2006
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ATV Skid plates become stronger when they are covered as necessary. The logic behind this is very obvious; the more the skid plate covers, the more the parts are protected. Another reason is that, a smooth underside helps the vehicle slide over things that it might otherwise hang up on. This implies that you can get farther along the trail.

Since part of your fun is working on your vehicle, it is very ideal that everything works perfectly just fine. You need to have protection that works and is dependable. Hence, in choosing your skid plates, try to look at the materials and how they are crafted. Choose the top ones. The good news is that many top manufacturers offer the most complete and highest quality skid plates and under body protection. They all thrive in the market today.

Picking up the right skid plates for your ATV can be very simple. Of course, you need to consider the design, durability, quality and strength. These items have a durable glossy black powder coating or a zinc plate finish. ATV Skid plates may require simple drilling for installation. Skids and mounting brackets of thick steel will give you peace of mind out on the trail. Note that you won’t be damaging expensive drivetrain parts as well as damaging the looks of your vehicle.

Installing them can be done without much complication. It is advisable that you install any clamps or bolts loosely at first, then adjust the plate for the best fit and tighten. You will be fighting the plate to get aligned if you tighten one bolt before the others are in position. In the absence of self-locking nuts, you can use a locking agent on the bolt threads. This will keep your skid plates from working loose over time. For more security, you should keep an eye on all the skid plate hardware for the first few rides. If necessary, you should retighten them as they can loosen as the plates settle in their final resting place.

The easiest way to install ATV skid plates is positioning the machine vertical. To do this, make sure that you turn off gas at the petcock and pinch off the vent tubes for both the battery and gas cap to avoid unnecessary mess. You also need to engage the parking brake, put it in park and seek the help of a companion to help you tip the machine up.

Performing a double check is always necessary after installation for safety and security.

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