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  • Published February 28, 2008
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Apart from manual wheelchair, powered wheelchairs are usually used by the people now a days. Therefore, for independent mobility, mostly battery-powered wheelchairs have become a bigger necessity for the people who are unable to walk for some or the other reason or for disabled people. These battery-powered wheelchairs are customized by using a control interface in it that allows the people to perform their daily task conveniently. Hence the wheelchair batteries used in electrical-powered wheelchairs are needed to be handled carefully and properly so as to extend its life for a longer period of time. If you follow some advices and tips regarding handling of your wheelchair batteries, you can certainly make your wheelchair battery a quality product that will last for long.

Normally, a wheelchair battery comes in two major kinds, one is called as gel cell and the other is wet cell. These three sizes batteries are also rated in amp hours. If you want to have more powerful battery, get one which has greater number of amp hours. A wet cell battery has the advantage by using amp-hour ratings for it and has a propensity to read 10 percent higher than gel batteries for your powered wheelchair. Wheelchair batteries generally come in three sizes, labeled as a group of 27, 24, or 22. The standard size of a group battery is 22, whereas for high performing heavier wheelchair, group 24 battery is perfectly suited. The high powered 27 group batter is used specially for longer travel distance and also for frequently used wheelchair or for the one which used over sloped terrain.

People also face the unfavorable situation or hassles when their powered-battery wheelchairs are not completely charged due to number of reasons. This problem occurs when not using the suitable charger for charging the batteries or sometimes due to overcharging it, but the most common reason for the influx of such problem is due to simply old batteries which urgently need to be replaced.

?    To bring out the most advantages from your powered-battery or electrical wheelchair, you need to follow these instructions to keep your battery in perfect condition;

?     If the person is using wheelchair for the whole day then the battery-powered wheelchair should be charged at the night time.

?    For your routine charging, the user needs to use automatic charger of accompanying manufacturer always.

?    Avoid use when the batteries are completely depleted.

?    Wheelchair batteries should not be exposed to extremes temperature, not too hot or too cold.

Batteries should also not be overcharged at frequent manner.

?    Contact the supplier of the battery for open instruction.

?    And try to call for a wheelchair maintenance facility for a regular overall checkup at the interval of every six months. But a regular weekly checkup is also needed to be done. This is the best way to pay attention on the loose or squeak parts of your wheelchair battery and help in the extension of its life. Wheelchair batteries are not a low budget investment therefore a regular checkup can save your lot of money and time you spend generally on it.

?    Always carry a wheelchair repair kit so that you will combat the small malfunction arise in your powered wheelchair.

These simple tips will led you increase the life of your wheelchair battery and insure it not to be replaced soon after you invest lot of money in buying one.

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