Zen Wheels Add A Personality To Your Vehicle

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  • Published March 13, 2008
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Zen Wheels Add A Personality To Your Vehicle Zen Wheels is the brainchild of Rennen International. This new range of Zen Design Performance Wheels is popular for its ability to combine tough yet lightweight mechanism and high-tech racing expertise devised with the intention of increasing racing performance with panache. The wheels from Zen have a selection of coatings starting from mirror polished lip to the innovative silky black finish. In pursuit of stunning and performing wheels, Rennen International has launched the best range of alloy wheels to meet all your requirements. Zen Wheels is a perfect blend of lan and performance.

MB5 -Elegance and Style

The rim of MB5 is designed to make it look like a shield that was carried by warriors in the Dark Ages. The rim has a perfect black tan polish. The lighter version of the Zen rim has a silver touch to it. Towards the external ends of the wheel, the pattern is made to look like a three-sided semi ellipse that is engraved into the facade of the rim. The hub of the rim is attached to the rim with the help of eight nuts. These nuts ensure that it covers the innermost pairing of the wheel completely. The silver and black combination gives the wheels a classy touch.

Zen Scopula - A Rare Combination The Scopula is a combination of sleekness and toughness. This range of Wheels Zen is cast in a solo piece without the help of any kind of welding. Similar to the MB5, these wheels to come in a combination of black and silver. The bolts are there to accentuate the design of this stylish wheel. They are obtainable in seventeen and eighteen-inch width and can surpass any wheel in its range in terms of performance. In the design front, Scopula is not too tough to look at but its power hidden within ensures that it never gets tired of performing. The Scopula basically has seven-spokes that branches out into fourteen spokes. These spokes are usually straight concrete strips of metal that are slim but yet have power inbuilt in every inch of the metal. The Spokes slant toward the inside a few inches from the middle of the wheel and adhere to the wheel at a raised point in the midpoint of the wheel. The middle of the rim is elegantly covered with a hubcap that goes very well with the rest of the rim and is fixed firmly on to the rim with a single nut.

Zen Spyder - Beauty Blended With Performance

Zen launched the Spyder in the market after months of hard work. It is a perfect blend of beauty with performance. The rim of the Spyder is built keeping in mind some specifications that takes care of proper fitment. Zen is known throughout the world for its quality and manufacturing standards. Spyder, yet again proves the fact. The method used to make the rim take care of the fact that the rim comes with less porosity and pinholes. After the casting, every rim goes through painstaking testing measures like corner testing, fatigue testing, impact testing and balancing testing to make sure that only the finest quality rims are unleashed in the market. If all these make you feel that these wheels will cost you an arm and a leg, then you are wrong. They are priced keeping in mind the common man.

ZR6 -In a Class of Its Own

The ZR6 is yet another masterpiece from wheels Zen. It has six beautifully crafted rims that have been approved after conducting a thorough research on the likes and dislikes of the target customers. The ZR6 has six flat spokes made of strong metal strips. These strips are bent inwards both at the hub as well as the wheel end. The wheel is then secured to the vehicle with precisely five sturdy bolds. The gaps between the bolts are deep enough to conceal them from the view. The width of the wheels varies from seventeen inch to eighteen inch. The silver and black colors complement the tires of the vehicle.

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