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  • Author Vincent Platania
  • Published August 20, 2006
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Think about it. Your car is exposed to every element under the sky and is at the mercy of the condition of every road you drive it down. It endures such rigors as snowstorms, hail, wind, puddles, mud, salt, and dead bugs, to name a few. Your car needs – no, it deserves a good thorough cleaning from time to time. And not only for aesthetic reasons. Salt, water, and even bird droppings can destroy the integrity of your car’s paint, leaving it more vulnerable to rust. A complete end-to-end car wash can help protect your car from these potentially harmful deposits. While automatic drive-through car washes are a nice luxury for the hurried, nothing beats a do-it-yourself hand-wash to make your car look new again, as long as you have the necessary auto cleaning supplies.

Which Car Cleaning Supplies Do I Need?

That is the question! What do you really need to bring the shine back to your car and protect it from damaging chemicals and debris? The car cleaning supplies you cannot do without are: a long hose, a bucket, a gentle, non-abrasive soap specially formulated for cars (forget dishwashing soap), and a large, thick mitt (FULLER Car Wash Mitt). Before you start, make sure your car is parked in a shaded area. Or better yet, choose a cloudy day to wash your car. Washing your car in the sunshine is not recommended because the sun will dry your car quicker than you can complete the job, leaving water marks everywhere.

Start by cleaning your tires, rims, and surrounding areas that have become lodged with dirt by using a scrub brush to loosen and wash away all the caked-on grime. Next, hose down and soap up the roof of your car. A handy device to make this task simpler is a brush that can be clamped onto your hose (FULLER Vehicle Wash Brush). You will be able to reach the center of the roof more easily. For the rest of your car, use that thick mitt to soap up and wash off all the dirt. Be sure to carry the mitt along the hood, trunk, and sides of the car in straight lines, not in circles.

A Polished Finish

Following up your car wash by applying a wax sealant is the standard practice to make a car shine as well as to protect it from the environment. Specifically, a wax finish protects your paint from fading and minimizes harm from potentially corrosive agents, such as the chemicals found in bird droppings, dead bugs, and salt. But applying wax to your car can take up to half an hour or more from start to finish. What could be better than a car care polish product that both cleans and leaves a light, protective layer of wax at the same time? There are many on the market that do an excellent job. (FULLER Car Wash and Wax Concentrate). If you want to spend most of your weekend hours relaxing and enjoying yourself, then using a two-in-one product like this is for you. You car will look great, and you will still have the time to drive it around and show off its freshly cleaned, shiny look.

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