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  • Author Clyde Hart
  • Published March 18, 2008
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Currently, the price of gas will soon go up to $4.00/per gallon in some areas as reported by the news and that thought is scary. If you have not already found alternative transportation such as: carpooling, metro/subway or bus, now is your time to make changes unless you have a deep pocket.

If you live in a metropolitan area there is no doubt that using public transportation like transit buses, metro subways and local buses are a must. Gas prices do not seem to be going down anytime soon. It is recommended to start doing researching and finding your local bus service and bus schedules.

Before in the past, many people in small towns looked down on anyone using public transportation such as public buses. Nowadays, things have changed and you would be silly to think that way as the US economy is on a verge of recession. Surging prices, mortgage rates, bankruptcy, foreclosures and gasoline prices are all of the many reasons to consider using bus transportation in your area.

The easiest way to began finding local bus services is buy using popular search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and Yellow Pages. There you should have access to local bus maps, bus schedules and bus stations in your area. Do not be ashamed of riding the bus or any type of carpooling or transportation because with the current gasoline prices you have to be smart and not waste the precious gas. You can also consider purchasing a scooter that does better on gas or even trading your car in for a smaller car which consumes less gas in the city. The new Smart USA Cars have been imported in 2007 and they are proven in Europe to have better gas mileage and in the city it is important.

Clyde Hart has built a new bus stations directory to help USA citizens and visiting tourist save on their transportation within the states with transit bus schedules, local bus services and maps.

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