Deciding on a Turbocharger and a Turbo Kit

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  • Author Vikram Kumar
  • Published April 21, 2008
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So you have decided that a turbocharger is what your humdrum car needs, plus a few other aesthetic revisions. So you decide to look into a turbo kit. Unfortunately, you have no working knowledge of automotive technology beyond driving the car and filling it up with gasoline. Thus, you resort to guesswork and legwork in buying and installing a turbo kit, which can either lead to your car becoming a Frankenstein experiment or to your being wiser but poorer by not a few dollars. Here are a few considerations before purchasing a turbocharger for that most prized possession of the big boys – the car.

First, decide what you really want your car to do. There are many ways to turbo charge a car depending on your end goal, either you want it for show, or for speed, or for gas mileage, or for all three. Depending on your goal, a turbo kit can vary and turbocharger capacity can be adjusted, too. Second, when you have decided what you want out of your turbo kit, look into your car’s general condition. For those with delusions that their old cars can have a turbocharger installed, sorry to tell you that you have better drop the idea as fast as the speed of light itself. Cars with low-mileage engines that are in good condition with no excessive stresses imposed on them are the best candidates for a turbocharger. To determine this, you can have your car checked out in a reliable automotive shop, with emphasis on its engine parts like spark plugs and plug wires. A compression test is also highly recommended to test the rings, valves and seals. Remember that turbo charging your car can put stresses that it has never before experienced, so safety is always the golden rule. When the technician has given the go-signal, you can then proceed to purchasing the most appropriate turbo kit for your car.

At Vivid Racing, they have one of the most extensive lines of high-quality turbocharger and turbo kit products from prestigious manufacturers like Garrett, Blitz, Agency Power, APS, APEXi, Forced Performance, HKS, Greddy, Procharger, Forge, Perrin, Ralliart, Samco, and many others. From turbochargers and superchargers, to blow off valves and silicone hoses, to intercoolers and piping, Vivid Racing have it all and if you do not see what you need, you can always contact them and they will gladly get it for you. After all, they live by the principle that the customer comes first.

If you want a pre-configured turbo kit, Vivid Racing has many models to choose from to suit various car makes and models. Since their pre-configured turbo kits work with factory-installed engines and fuel systems, you will have no great difficulty installing your turbo kit. However, a turbocharger is a complex machine to deal with and installing it is serious and costly business, so it is better to have the turbo kit installed by expert technicians at Vivid Racing. With its state-of-the-art dyno machine, you are guaranteed that the turbo kit was installed properly (no leaks, correct wastegate operation, right boost control, and fuel management, among others) and you can see first-hand the improved performance of your car. This way, you get the double advantage of expert installation with safety precautions.

At Vivid Racing, they offer total satisfaction and a complete line of car services from turbocharger installation to turbo kit maintenance.

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