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  • Author Helen Snapp
  • Published June 15, 2008
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Transforming your car or truck is a water/gas powered hybrid will drastically improve your gas mileage. Some people have seen as much as a 70% improvement both in performance and overall mileage per tank.

It is expected that by then the 2008 the price of gas will be seven dollars per gallon. Millions of people are looking for new way to save on gas by either improving their car maintenance or are looking for cheap gas station. Neither of these two options are very effective in saving you money.

Keeping your car in good shape is a good way to improve your gas mileage. Getting your tires and engine checked often will improve your car performance.

Changing your dirty air filter will also improve your gas mileage by up to 10%. Replacing it only takes about five minutes and cost around $10 in most case.

Checking your tire pressure can increase your gas mileage by up to 3%. Check your air pressure in your car tires once each month.

The best way to improve your gas mileage and save on gas is to convert your car to run on water. A recent new technology will enable you to convert water into usable energy for your engine. This new technology has been featured on Fox news and across the Internet.

You won't need to modify your engine or buy anything expensive. It costs less than $200 to install this new technology and is easily removable. With the rising cost of gar price you could:

  1. Sell your car and use public transportation. This is very inconvenience for many and just isn't an option for someone with a very busy life.

  2. Buy a hybrid car or a better gas mileage car. This is not a cheap option and usually cost over 10K to get.

  3. Convert your car to run on water and save gas money. This is the best option since it cost very little to implement and will improve your car improvement by many times.

 If you're interested in transforming your car to run on water then check the links I've provided below (under resources) on how you can get a hold of the instructions you need to create a water powered car.

Free Report on How to"title="Run Your Car on WATER, Read Part II of this Article"title="Run Your Car on WATER

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