5 Super Gas Saver Tips To Live By

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  • Author Shane Wilson
  • Published June 29, 2008
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There are three things now certain in life, death, taxes and rising gas prices. The cool thing is, we can do something about the rising fuel cost's. Did you know that you can become a super gas saver by utilizing key gas saving tips? Below are five tips you can use to start saving money on gas right away thus giving your wallet a break.

You can start off by checking the air pressure in your car tires. So many never take the time to do this and it takes just a moment to do. By seeing what the air pressure is and correcting it you can reduce the wear and tear on your tires and in turn increase your cars gas mileage.

The second thing you will want to focus on is how you use your car. It happens to us all, we get home and forget that we needed this or that. Sometimes this can't be avoided but in most cases it can. Start on Sunday and plan out your week from grocery shopping to needing to take anything back to the mall. If you have a solid plan then those "I forgot" trips will be a lot less frequent.

The third thing you want to consider is the proper use of cruise control. When your car is running on cruise control it is working at it's optimum efficiency. You should check your cars owner's manual when using this feature. You should not turn the cruise control on and off as this will mimic standard driving conditions and defeat the purpose.

Continuing on, be sure to get rid of any unnecessary weight you may have in your car. A lot of us lead busy lives and tend to treat our cars like a second home. We are constantly taking things in and out of our cars but there always seems to be something left over. Every week you should give your car a thorough cleaning to get rid of excess junk. A good step to take is whatever you put in your car on a daily basis, take it out at the end of the day unless it is something you'll need on a daily basis.

Our final tip includes focusing on how we drive and leaving unnecessary acceleration to a minimum. We need to remind ourselves that we're not in high school anymore and drive more responsibly. By driving aggressively your causing your engine to work harder which burns up more fuel. You don't have to drive like and elderly person but just be aware of how you drive and act accordingly.

In closing, these 5 super gas saver tips can help bring down the cost of fuel greatly. If you are still not satisfied with the savings then you can look for an alternative like hybrid cars. Some of us can't afford a hybrid especially in this economy, but there is another solution. Are you aware that you can actually turn your own car into a hybrid? It's possible. If your tired of the high gas prices and want to fight back then this could be what your looking for.

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