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  • Author Shamak White
  • Published July 15, 2008
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With the rising price of gas is there still a way to save money on gas? Common question asked by many, here I have provided you with some ways to save money on gas.

  1. Make sure that all of your vehicles are well maintained it has showed to reduce the fuel consumption when ones vehicle is maintained. A well maintained car reduces the engine effort to make the car go.

  2. Drive slowly but surely. It has always been said that the faster you go the more fuel you use up. So as not to rush to your destination leave your home early so that on your way there you still have time to relax.

  3. Drive less. When you are going somewhere that is just near your location-you can always walk, it is a good exercise and it could strengthen your heart! Nothing can beat walking it has a lot of benefits in store for you.

  4. Look for a credit card company that offers gas savings. You can always apply for gas cards in major credit card companies and in exchange get a cash back on your rebate. It does not only give you rebates but it gives gift card in which you could use for your other needs for free.

  5. When you need to gas up, make sure you fill it up all the way to the full. The more money you can save here than having to fuel it up everyday. Imagine having to pay every time you see that gas meter down and is not enough to where you’re going. Wouldn’t it be hassle free to fill up the tank fully pay the wholesale price and save money?

  6. When doing errands make sure that you do it in one trip to lessen the miles you drive back and forth to your home. Before leaving home list down all the things that you need to do so that you will be able to organize your way going there and getting home without forgetting anything.

  7. When looking for a parking area why don’t you park at the first spot you see rather than moving around looking for a nearer parking spot. You may not be able to notice it but you spend much of your gas going around the parking area looking for the perfect spot. Everywhere is a perfect spot when you can save money, right?

  8. Traffic seems so unbeatable now a days, make sure you go out of your working area or your homes it’s not the peak of traffic jam. Being stuck on traffic eats up your fuel, so in order to save gas keep away from traffic jams. Leave the house early so as to not to catch the traffic.

  9. You can always ride the bus when you’re going to the grocery or at work. Or better yet if you have a neighbor who passes by your work place you can always join them for a carpool.

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