You can Cut your Gas Bill Drastically and Improve Gas Performance

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  • Author Kenneth Ingram
  • Published July 8, 2008
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You can cut your gas bill drastically and improve gas performance, as well as increase your gas mileage up to 50%, reducing pollution, and even getting the IRS to give you refunds for doing so. You will be helping to reduce our national debt for imported oil, not to mention the painful price of economic dependability on oil.

You paid a hefty price for your , but do you realize that no matter what reason you purchased your vehicle for, it does poorly when converting fuel to energy. Only 25% of the energy in the gasoline you paid dearly for is actually used for moving forward. 75% is turned into heat (destroys the planet), releases emissions (unburned fuel), and wears the vehicle down by additional vibrations and carbon deposits that slowly destroys the engine.

Remarkably, there are several strategies you can use to turn your poor energy producing vehicle into a powerful, energy producing machine. This article can be used as a guide to help you find out things you can do yourself to put a lot of your gasoline money back into your pocket. These strategies can allow you an incredible advantage over others that do not use these strategies

From my experimentation with different cars, old and new, I found out that the BEST strategy so far is to convert your vehicle to a WATER HYBRID SYSTEM approach. I recommend that you use ALL the technologies listed below to save fuel, because they support and supplement each other, but the one that will get you the best performance boost is to start using water as gas. This strategy used with all the others will give you a nice 30% saving. A 30% saving here, a 5% there, 20% over there, and it quickly adds up. You can practically double your mileage and be the envy of the neighborhood.

Here are 12 ingredients to improving your vehicle performance, as well as links to where you can find additional information.

  1. Install a water-to-energy converter. These are basically electrolyzers or vapor injectors that use very little energy to boost the poor performance of gasoline as explained above. You can get a fully functional, ready to install system dirt cheap from using water as gas.

  2. Install a fuel warmer such as "Fuel Atomizer 2000". Few people realize that gasoline engines can only run when the fuel is atomized (vaporized) because liquid gasoline will flood the engine. Your present vehicle can only atomize 10 to 20% of each gallon of fuel. The Fuel Vaporizer can, in most cases, double the atomizing process thereby giving you a substantial increase in mileage.

  3. You can Replace the spark plug WIRES with "Kiker Wires". These wires improve the sparks by creating magnetic fields. The wires also produce a multiple spark in each wire [2-3] per wire. Thus burning fuel more efficiently in each cylinders, cleaner emissions, using less gas, causing the engine to run smoother and more efficiently.

  4. DO NOT, let me repeat this, DO NOT fill up your tank at stations that add 10% ethanol (the mixture is called "gasohol"). Instead, buy some Xylene and add it yourself for much better results and fuel economy.

  5. Replace your regular engine oil with "AMSoil Series 2000" synthetic oil or similar low-friction oil.

  6. Use a bottle or two of fuel treatment such as "AMSoil P. I" to clean up.

  7. Install what I call, for lack of a better name, "MSE" (Map Sensor Enhancer), which is basically a variable resistor to lean the gasoline mixture. At the same time also UNPLUG the upstream Oxygen Sensor. When you do that, you gain back control over the ECU which is one of the major causes of fuel waste

  8. Driving habits are another major contributor. You can read all about it on the internet, so let me tell you one trick you don’t hear about too often, and that’s to put your gear into neutral when you go downhill. You can use a Scan Gauge to get readouts.

  9. The Scan Gauge-II. It saves you long trips or road tests. And frankly, it’s the only way to tell if certain technologies or driving habits actually work or not, and to what extent.

  10. Keep your tires fully pressurized. By "fully", I do not mean "over pressure", because then you lose traction and wear out the tire faster. Pump 10% or 15% more air than recommended for your vehicle. DO NOT EXCEED the maximum pressure marked on the tire itself!

  11. Get your money back. Make your government support you and reward you for doing all the above

  12. Yeah, and there’s one more ingredient to this secret recipe: Don’t be fooled by self-appointed "experts". When they tell you "it cannot be done", or "it is scientifically impossible", they probably haven’t even TRIED it themselves with TODAY’S cars. You will find out that they haven’t. And don’t take my word for it either. Experiment for yourself! There’s no other way of really KNOWING if it is true or not.

Visit my site to learn more about converting your car to a water hybrid car for the price of a regular tune-up. You can get a fully functional, ready to install system dirt cheap

See for IRS refunds.

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