How to Increase Gas Mileage - Do Not An Be Easy Prey!

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  • Author Anthony Marquis
  • Published July 11, 2008
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This article gives advice on how to increase gas mileage and offers some guidance about phony gas saving gimmicks and products.

As Gas Prices Increase, Don't Be Easy Prey For Gas-Saving Gimmicks.

The price of gasoline in the United States, that had been priced reasonably low as compared to the rest of the world, has been on the increase over the past couple of years and it seems by market forecasts, that it's not likely to go down in the for seeable future.

With record-high gas prices approaching permanently as a part of our future, people everywhere are now looking to find ways of making their vehicles more fuel-efficient.

Some are trading in their petrol-guzzling SUV's for more economical hybrid cars.

Others are becoming the now termed "hypermilers". They are a new breed of road warrior that'll do almost anything to squeeze the very highest mile-per-gallon from every small drop of fuel their vehicles can consume.

There is a great deal of attention now focused on these hypermiling drivers who say that they have been able to increase the average MPG of their Civic or Honda from 27 mpg to 40 mpg by using only a few very simple tricks.

Increasing Gas Mileage - The Return of the Myths...

All this talk of using tactics, and techniques to increase a car's gasoline mileage has expectedly opened the doors to a whole new deluge of old tricks that are claiming that they can increase your vehicle to extraordinary levels of fuel efficiency.

It is a sad fact though, that a lot of these tricks and gimmicks are nothing less than scams and myths designed to get access to your wallets. Some of these have been around since gasoline was rationed in World War Two.

Some may be fooled that by using secret additives or by putting magnets on their gas tanks that they can make a saving, but it is claimed by the Environmental Protection Agency, that they won't save a penny on fuel. They test products and gadgets that claim to significantly save petrol mpg.

They test fuel consumption by putting cars up on racks that allow the wheels to go round as though they were in real driving conditions, then "virtually" take the automobile over a computerized course.

Gadgets and Products Tested - Do They Really Increase Gas Mileage?

The EPA stated that over the years, they've tested over a hundred different products that claim to save on fuel by increasing fuel efficiency.

Most of these products come into two categories - either gadgets or additives. The most common of these are liquid additives that you add to your vehicles' gas tank, and magnets that they say changes the molecular structure of gasoline and gadgets that pump more air into your carburetor.

The Environmental Protection Agency has said that in all its tests it hasn't found one product that significantly saved on gasoline - and not to mention all the savings that many claimed.

Unfortunately, especially on the Internet, many of the myths seem to have returned, even in spite of the efforts of the EPA.

With just a quick search on Google, you'll be overwhelmed by the amount of products making these preposterous claims. There are products that range from $40 - $200 for sale on many websites. Many of the facts and figures that are being used to sell these products have long been exposed by the EPA.

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn't certify labs and neither does the U.S Federal Government give endorsements to any fuel saving products for vehicles. And yet, some of the sellers of these products try to claim that their products have indeed been tested and endorsed by the EPA - Certified Labs.

Let's face it, with the amount of pressure that auto manufacturers are faced with to provide better fuel economy for their consumers, don't you think that if any of these so-claimed gas saving products actually worked, that they'd incorporate them into the making of their cars?

Although it may seem very tempting to stretch your gas dollar to the maximum, especially when you can purchase a product that appears promising for around $20 - it's best to apply caution. At best, most just won't work, while others at worst have been shown to cause engine damage.

So, before you attempt to save money by spending cash on some of these fuel-saving schemes, you'd best consider that the real hypermilers, those who actually do get 40 MPG out of a car that's rated for 27mpg, are doing it with techniques that are as simple as just coasting until a car runs out of acceleration. That's not a technique you can sell from a web page, but it's one of the easiest, no-cost ways of how to increase your gas mileage.

How To Increase Your Gas Mileage

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