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  • Author Lindee Rochelle
  • Published July 22, 2008
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PHOENIX—June 30, 2008—Not since the ‘70s have we seen such public frustration with gas station dealers, oil companies, and the accompanying bureaucracy. But frustration breeds action. "We’re all in this together," says the Gas $aver Guy. "Spread the word. You can do something now to save dollars at the pump and take control of your gas use!"

Bruce Fischer, aka the Gas $aver Guy, is an average man trying to run a small business. He shares the nation’s aggravation over escalating gas prices that add stress to every aspect of daily life. The idea for Fischer’s $ave Gas Now! grew from his own desire to cut costs at the pump. But he didn’t want to stop with just a book; a firm believer in networking, Fischer decided to share his tips in a grassroots movement to help others change their driving habits, too.

Gas prices at the pump spiked the most since 2005, in just the past six months, (remember ‘05’s $2.00 per gallon gas?). Fischer’s book, $ave Gas Now! How to get the most from every drop of gas! is the catalyst behind his new grassroots movement taking hold at Through networking and sharing tips, Fischer is helping Americans save dollars at the pump. The movement, when counted in growing numbers, could even affect the whole fuel supply/demand.

"Though changing our driving habits may seem like common sense," says Fischer, "many people simply don’t know what changes will truly make a difference. $ave Gas Now! is full of researched tips and techniques that will save the average driver up to 40% at the gas pump. Now. Today."

Fischer spent many hours researching and discussing options with gas mileage experts, to compile the simple but effective gas-saving tips for everyday driving, trip planning, and gas buying. $ave Gas Now! is a convenient, comprehensive reference tool that tucks easily into a glovebox or center console, for quick reminders.

Drivers of commercial trucks, SUVs and even the already-economic hybrids are seeing a boost in car performance up to 7 MPG. "I got my best MPG after reading this book!" says Cathy Droz, auto journalist for the popular Two for the Road USA website and radio show ( "Every driver should have this and use it!"

Fischer’s gas-saving tips include little-known savers at the pump and fresh reminders of common sense changes in driving habits that without $ave Gas Now in the passenger seat, are often forgotten or misused.

The Gas Saver Guy hopes that $ave Gas Now! and the grassroots movement grows, so he and millions of his closest friends, make a noticeable difference in dollars spent at the gas pump. And less fuel used makes a direct, positive impact on the environment. $ave Gas Now! ($9.95) is available at

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