Gas Cards During Gas Crisis

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  • Author Kelvin Young
  • Published September 30, 2008
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These days, gas prices are becoming increasingly high. If you look closely at the average price of gas, a year ago, gas was sold at around $2.94 per gallon. Comparing it to last month, it increased to $3.98, with a difference of $1 during the duration of the year. And just the other week it peaked higher to $4.082. So what about now? It skyrocketed to $4.10 per gallon. See how our gas spending is rising by the moment? It’s really getting ridiculously high, as what those "angry" people ranted.

There’s no way of knowing on how long this high price of gas will stop. Exports are getting richer and richer everyday while the ordinary people are getting poorer by the minute. Is there some way that the government can do? It seems like nobody really cares about the gas situation anymore.

Because of the ongoing crisis, we have those gas cards to thank for. Since we know that the price won’t be going down, we would just have to rely on these gas cards that can save us a whole lot of money. Whatever gas card that you have: if it’s a prepaid gas card or a credit card, it won’t matter. They work just fine.

What makes both gas cards different is through their offered rebates and rewards. Gas credit card rebates get more than in prepaid ones. Credit cards are handy because they are unlimited; whereas, a prepaid one is reloaded with a specific amount only. Once it is used up, the prepaid card is useless.

It may be true that gas credit card rebates are helpful to any card holder or a car owner, but take note that different companies differ with their card features and benefits. Some rebates are long term and consistent, while others have high rebates on the first few months, and slashes down for the succeeding months. So before you venture into any gas credit card, look into the card’s subsidy.

On the other hand, big gas credit card rebates are not the least things that a low class or a middle class worker should worry about. Since you cannot afford to have a credit card that pays by monthly; stick to the prepaid cards. It’s cheaper and accessible anytime. You don’t have to worry on paying bills since the card is already preloaded – meaning, it can also pay for your gas without a hassle.

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