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  • Published November 4, 2006
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There are hundreds of car-care and auto-detailing products in the market today – but what do you really need and what can you do without? Read on and decide for yourself.

When used properly, car waxes can take the dullness off your car’s exterior paint and make it look brand new. Experts recommend that you wax at least two times a year or more if you have an older car. Doing this prevents dirt build up and keeps your car looking new even after years of use.

Do not confuse car polish with a car wax – these are two very different chemicals, and each one can make very important contributions to your car’s upkeep. Car polish can deep clean your car’s finish with its mild abrasive properties. A good car polish has the ability to minimize paint defects by deflecting light. Be careful about buying car polishes, though; because there are cheap varieties those leave residues, causing your car paint to become dull. Invest in car polish that is easy to wipe off and buff.

There are very useful Teflon-based additives available in the market today that help keep engine oil in tiptop shape, even if you forget to change it for a long period of time. These additives are proven to extend engine life, and experts recommend that car owners use them every 50,000 miles.

It is not enough to just keep your car’s exterior clean – more importantly, the interior should be cleansed and maintained, too. Take your car for a yearly full detailing or buy the right products and scrub her clean yourself. Proper shampooing cleans out all of the dirt that has built up over time on your dashboard, sidings, ceiling, and seats. Be careful not to overdo it, though, because too much scrubbing can cause leather or fabric colors to fade.

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