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  • Author Fred Roaldset
  • Published October 20, 2008
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Although it seems that modern tractors have been a part of our landscape forever, the truth is, there are still plenty of antique tractors, that can be found everywhere, and you don' need to look in museums, either!

Antique tractors represent a beloved past time of restoration and even of use to the people who enjoy them, and you'll soon see that there are a wide variety of tractors that you can see on a fairly regular basis.

You'll find that there are plenty of antique tractors, including those from Farmall, Allis Chalmers, Ford and of course John Deere, that are still in service. If you have ever been curious about antique tractors, there is a lot of good information out there.

There are many different types of used John Deere tractors for sale. The different types include the compact utility, row-crop, specialty, utility, four-wheel drive, and track tractors. If you cannot afford a new tractor you might consider looking through antique tractors to find what you are looking for. You can get an old John Deere up and running for a very low start up costs.

The compact utility used John Deere tractors can be driven by anyone. They are really easy to use. You can mow up to 7 acres with these, till almost 4 acres, and lift up to almost 1300 pounds. You can even dig with the 16-inch bucket attached to it down to a little over 6 feet deep in the ground.

There are many antique farm tractors for sale you might consider for rowing crops. It is important you think about horsepower when you think about this type of a tractor. If you are going to use it you need to be sure it is for the type of farm for you. You should be sure it is fuel efficient for your farm size also.

A four-wheel drive John Deere tractors for sale are for the rougher terrain and the extra wet and muddy irrigating you might need to do on your farm. You cannot afford to get stuck in the middle of the farm. This will take time away from getting the crops going. Time is money and a four wheel drive tractor may be your best option for rainy days or soil that is often real moist and difficult to maneuver through.

If you are looking for smaller antique tractors for sale or small John Deere tractors for sale you might consider the specialty tractors. Usually a specialty tractor is used for things like a nursery and a greenhouse. They are not designed to be used out on the farm and you would run out of gas before you got very far if you tried.

The antique specialty tractors are designed with an excellent turning radius, an oscillating front axle, and a diesel engine. These can also run on the biodiesel fuels. You can take advantage of four-wheel drive with these smaller tractors also. They can lift over 1000 pounds and you have perfect visibility without a blind spot anywhere.

The utility antique farm tractors are the tractors that allow you to get the most work done on your farm the fastest. This can include mowing up to 40 acres, tilling approximately 15 acres, lifting over 4,000 pounds, and digging almost 10 feet deep with a 40 inch bucket. You can even bale up to 60 acres with the utility used John Deere tractors for sale. Another excellent feature of these tractors is that they include a cab if you want one. This allows you to continue working when the weather conditions are bad. You can take advantage of tinted windows in the cab so you don’t get sunburned or just to stay out of the rain but keep the work going. The cabs can be removed if you want to work with it off.

If you are looking for old John Deere tractors for sale for your farm it is a good choice. You can take advantage of saving on the high gas prices by switching over to biodiesel. Be sure the vintage tractors for sale you consider at least have a John Deere engine in them. There are many different types of tractors you can take advantage of for use on your farm.

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