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  • Published December 20, 2006
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Car mats are a part of car interior decoration that are used for a specific purpose rather than just to enhance the car’s interior design. They are used to protect the carpet flooring from getting dirty from the dust, mud, water and slush that might accompany the driver when the driver gets into the car. They do not usually crack, break or shrink and are made of thick durable materials that can sustain the rough usage. Rubberized car mats are the most commonly used car mats due to their durability, price and availability, although they might not go well with exotic and plush cars.

Car mats come in a variety of materials, the most common being the rubberized ones. These are made of heavy-duty rubber and have a good grip at the bottom. These mats fit the car interior perfectly to avoid discomfort while driving. Since most of them are anti skid, there would not be a chance of them slipping from under the driver’s seat. Also, they are lined or sculpted on the top to trap the dirt, water and slush so it would not slip into the car flooring.

The rubber used to make these car mats is usually from China although it’s being manufactured worldwide presently. Rubberized car mats are made of heavy-duty rubber and are very strong and durable. They are all weather resistant and do not shrink or melt during the changing seasons. All the rubberized car mats have anti skid grooves at the bottom to resist slipping during the drive. Also, they are channeled at the top to fence in even slush and water until the mat is removed for cleaning.

All the rubberized car mats have a non-stick coating on top so that they can be cleaned with ease. A flush of water usually gets rid of all the dirt sticking to the mat. Kept clean, a rubber car mat can be used for ages. These mats do not crack or break due to heavy usage. Also they do not harm the carpet flooring, as the mat would be fit in such that it does not move around, thus spoiling the carpet.

Rubber car mats are known as all season car mats for a very good reason. They can endure a lot of wear and tear and protect the carpet flooring at a relatively inexpensive price. Also, they can be removed when the carpet needs a brushing or when the car needs to be serviced inside and out. Rubber car mats also protect the flooring from any spills if the car is frequently used to transport kids or even if the driver is just plain sloppy. A quick wash would ensure that the car mat is good as new.

Rubber car mats are non-poisonous, easy to use and affordable by most. Although initially the car might have a faint smell of rubber the smell becomes indistinguishable after sometime. Manufacturers these days are striving to produce non-smelling rubber car mats that have become quite popular in the market as soon as they are released.

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