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  • Author Jennie Wallace
  • Published May 6, 2009
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A recent television program examining how teenagers perceive the perfect breasts revealed that both boys and girls in their teens preferred the look of medically enhanced breasts.

Whether we like this or not, the programme interviewed and talked to around 100 teenagers and asked them to choose from a washing line full of pictures of breasts. Every teenager, including the girls, chose the surgically enhanced breasts over the natural pairs.

You might be shocked by this, but it is worth remembering the pressure that teenage girls are put under to live up to magazine images and what teenage boys believe to be the norm.

Many of us will consider at some stage a nip here and a tuck there, but as we all know medical procedures are expensive and risky. This is also the last thing that you would encourage a teenager to do.

Natural and alternative methods to breast enhancements have been around for years, but finding one that actually works and is not ridiculously expensive is more difficult. Perfect C is a natural breast enhancer and not only claims to work, but has many celebrity followers such as Tara Palmer Tompkinson and Sienna Miller, who are proof that this natural breast enhancer really does work.

The debate surrounding natural breast enhancements and any sort of surgical breast enhancement will continue as women are air brushed in magazines and told that they need breast enlargements to be attractive to the opposite sex. The recent study of teenage girls proves once again that the way that women perceive themselves is very much a down to the way that women are publicised by the press.

Many women feel the pressure to have bigger or fuller breasts, and many of these women subsequently need to enhance their breasts in some way to once again feel confident again. Perfect C is a natural breast enhancer that can give women the confidence back that they need to move on with their lives and be happy.

Many women are going under the knife than ever before and having surgical procedures to increase their bust size. There are however, natural breast enhancers that will increase your breast size, without call for invasive operations.

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