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  • Author Sophie Kensington
  • Published May 31, 2009
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What is the best way to introduce the subject of sex toys into your relationship?

So, you caught the buzz about sex toys. You know that they are fun to use and that they make for excellent sex between you and your partner. You are ready to start using them today, but...

If your partner is not on the same page as you are, just how exactly do you introduce the very subject?

Depending on your actual circumstances, you might need to dispel some myths that surround sex toys. In spite of their ever-increasing popularity for some people this could still be a taboo subject. Some believe that sexual aids of any sort are the preserve of perverts or sex addicts. Others think that they are only ever used by single people purely for masturbation purposes. Yet others actually think of them as dangerous objects that could be physically harmful or even prevent any future orgasms induced by a person.

Dispelling The Myths

The growing demand for sex toys indicates that people from all walks of life are buying and using them in their lives. These are perfectly normal human beings, otherwise they would not account for the billions worth of sales worldwide that the industry enjoys. In addition, the decision to expand sexual horizons is about being open-minded and adventurous. As for danger, have you ever come across a single law suit or news story where a device was the subject of danger? Hardly.

In dispelling these myths, it may be an idea to try and discuss the general subject of sexual myths without direct reference to sex toys to start with, and then to introduce them as just another common example of how people can get so hung up about something that is perfectly harmless. Go historical; talk about what the subject of sex must have been like in Victorian times.

Getting To The Nitty-gritty

  • Talk about sex and your sex life – lots: If you are ever to broach the subject of sex toys with your partner, then you must be comfortable talking about sex.

  • Introduce erotic reading, online or off: Try and select stories that feature different types of toys. Get your partner to read them out loud to you.

  • Be patient: Take things slowly until you are sure that both of you are comfortable around the subject.

  • Surprise him or her: When you are sure that your partner is at least comfortable, go and find a reputable store packed full of cheap sex toys and select a good surprise present, at a birthday or Valentine’s day near you.

To the uninitiated, the subject of sexual aids can seem altogether quite strange. With a little patience and lots of communication, you can gently break the ice and introduce sex toys into your life together. The process itself will no doubt be exciting in its own right.

And when you are finally singing the same song, imagine the sexual joy you will enjoy together.

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Clarence Chongo
Clarence Chongo · 2 years ago
Great article! I would like to connect with the author, if possible. Thanks.

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