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  • Published June 25, 2009
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Presently all are looking for quality and at the same time affordability. Here, comes the best model known as generic drugs, in reality generic drugs give exactly the same results as the branded drugs. The only difference between the generic medicine and the branded medicine is the cost. Generic drugs are cheaper compared to their branded counterparts. The manufacturers of generic drugs include the manufacturer of the branded medicine itself and also other companies. Other companies can produce generic version of the original one once the patent is expired.

All the generic drug manufacturers have to get approval from FDA before they sell it in the market. FDA only approves generic drugs if it passes their criteria – it should be equivalent to their original one. Lately, generic medicines have become immensely accepted drug because of its good performance and savings, when it comes to savings, one can save almost 60% compared to branded medicines. At the initial phase there was some doubts in the mind of users for generic versions because of the cost difference, it is quite natural because if anything is getting for dirt cheap rates the thinking will come naturally, whether it will work or will it give side affects and like that, but these negative thoughts have died down on its own when the reason behind the cheap rates was explained to users by way of advertisements. Now these generic drugs are widely accepted.

Generic drugs are available for various diseases including the one for erectile dysfunction.

The generic drug to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) is Generic Viagra; this medicine has brought a revolution.

Before the advent of generic Viagra, men were reluctant to discuss ED with anyone, not even with their doctor, but when Viagra was introduced, everything changed and now men are open to discuss this issue as treatment is available, this drug has given good results in majority of users, but nothing comes without side effects, the side effects (though minor) of Viagra are headaches and stomach problem. One other plus point of Viagra is, it works only when a man is sexually thrilled, so there will not be erection when a man is not sexually excited unlike some other drugs which give continuous erection. Viagra works by increasing blood flow to penis to make it erect.

Currently Viagra is helping millions around the world who has erectile dysfunction problem. The Generic version of this drug called Generic Viagra is hugely popular among users because of its low coast and good result. Now, the ED sufferers have a reason to smile as they do not have to hide anything and their self esteem has also got a boost.

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