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Refrigerated vans or temperature-controlled vehicles have become one of the most important vehicles of our time. People use this vehicle for various purposes such as to keep frozen or chilled food. But these vehicles are mostly used by the supermarkets, food manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, local retailers, fishmongers, butchers, bakeries, pharmaceuticals etc. If you have a business of the frozen or refrigerated items, you may also highly need the vehicle. Here follows a detailed discussion on the refrigerated vans and how to hire them.

They are strong and reliable

The refrigerated vans are made of aluminum panels. The insides of a refrigerated van are metal frame. In a van the advanced GPS system tracking units, cellular radio, integrated backup battery, GPS/Cell antenna and temperature antenna are used. Use of these advanced technologies has made the refrigerated vans as the reliable means of storing and carrying goods.

Who needs refrigerated vans?

As I have mentioned the major supermarkets, food manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, local retailers etc mainly use the refrigerated vans. But in a word if you have a business or service which requires that you should keep your goods under certain temperature then you need the refrigerated vans.

Types of refrigerated van

To meet the needs of the users, the refrigerated vans are available in various categories. In this regard, a good refrigerated vans supplier can help you most. In the UK, you will find a number of good refrigeration service providers. You can opt for a direct drive, alternator drive; diesel drives and stands alone electrical units for panel vans or box body vehicles. It will wholly depend on your needs and budget.

Customize Refrigerated Van

If you want, you can personalize any of the above-refrigerated vans such as you can combine chiller, freezer, or ambient transportation to go well with the particular business needs. You can also install flexible or permanent interior bulkheads, aluminum strips, thermal strip curtains, slim line evaporators, twin evaporators and many more into your van.

Buy or hire

It is a crucial decision. If you want to buy a refrigerated van, you will have to invest a lot. For this reason, most of the business owners prefer to hire refrigerated vans. You can also hire a refrigerated van unless you have a large firm.

How to hire

The first step of hiring the right vehicle is to choose a good company. If you can choose a good quality refrigerated van Rental Company, you will have work half done. You should choose a company that has good experience in this line. You should choose a company that has a tradition of providing swift, friendly and satisfactory professional service.

Good stock and Good Network

If you want to hire a refrigerated van in the UK, you should choose a company that has a rich stock of vehicles and a Good Network. If the company has not a good stock, you may wait for months for the van you need. Another most important thing is that the company should have a good network that covers the area you want to carry your goods to.

A good company that has a strong network in the UK will usually cover the following areas.


West Midlands, East of England, South West, South East, London, North East England, North West England, Yorkshire and the Humber and East Midlands


Borders Region,Central Region,Dumfries & Galloway Region, Fife Region, Grampian Region,Highlands Region,Lothian Region,Orkneys,Shetland Isles, Strathcylde Region Tayside Region, and Western Isles.


Mid Wales North Wales South Wales West Wales

Thus, if you have the goods that are to be carried under certain temperature, you can easily hire a refrigerated van. But before hiring the company, be sure that it has good reputation as well as good network.

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