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  • Author Menno Spijkstra
  • Published November 17, 2009
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A squeeze page is very important for many online marketers since this page is used for collecting the personal details of people who visit a web site. If you are an online marketer with your own web site, then you should have known the importance of a squeeze page to your business. If you have this page on your site, then you will be able to get the email addresses and other important information of the people who visit your site. You will need this information to keep in touch to individuals who can be your potential customers, too. You can improve your list building techniques if you have a squeeze page.

So, what makes a good squeeze page? You have to be aware that a good page must be able to catch the attention of internet users who visit your web site. A catchy headline that speaks about what your product’s features are must be your foremost concern. Getting people’s attention can be a critical stage in any marketing effort. Once you are able to capture these people’s attention, then it will not be too difficult for you to make them stay on your page and read more about your products or services. You must also have simple opt-in forms available on your squeeze page.

You can have one or two depending on your preference. These forms must be easy and quick to fill-out. Your visitors surely don’t have the luxury of time to fill-out lengthy forms. So, avoid making complicated opt-in forms for them. For some marketers, they have special offers in the form of freebies for people who would sign up to their list. This strategy can be a good come on so your visitors will be more encouraged to sign up and eventually increase your email list. People oftentimes are attracted to any free stuff so you may use this strategy to attract more people to sign up to your list.

Your squeeze page design need not be complicated and flashy. Internet users will be more impressed if you have a simple yet professional-looking one. There could be instances that very flashy squeeze pages can cause more distractions to your site visitors. Instead of staying in your page, they would rather navigate to other sites. So, don’t allow these instances to happen. You can avoid this by making things simple. On the other hand, some web site owners also use videos on their squeeze page. This can also be a wise move to make. However, if you decide to have this on your page, you have to make sure that the videos are fast to download.

Easily downloadable videos are important so that it won’t take much of your visitor’s time. For sure, internet users get a bit irritated when a certain page is too slow to download. Don’t allow these inconveniences to happen to your visitors. There are many techniques in improving your email list and having a squeeze page is just one of the many. However, do not underestimate the powerful results this page could bring to your business.

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