Email ‘Capturing’ Campaigns are Crucial for our Internet Marketing Business

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  • Author Mark Kemp
  • Published December 13, 2009
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The email is the one-stop, catch all for all of us internet users. While there are a variety of places where the consumer might stop when online, most all of them require us to register via our emails. Even if we are using a social media presence as our primary online stop, the email list is still vital. First of all, when social media becomes unpopular, new ones emerge. In this case, many allow for the import of .csv (comma separated value) files. This would allow us to import your email list to find users.

Also, most of us tend to check our email very regularly. If we are going to keep up with our web presence, we are going to have to know when new things are available. We need to make sure that all users who encounter our web presence on our websites and social media sites find their way into an email marketing list. This gives us the greatest flexibility to change gears in our internet marketing campaign without losing our valuable contacts. This is crucial.

Email marketing allows us to jump start new promotions on our timetable. We don't want to rely on the memory of our consumers. They will sometimes miss out on entire promotions. They can consent to leave our list if it is a nuisance to them, so do not worry about being a bother. As long as we are responsible with the rate and content of our emails, they will appreciate the information. This allows consumers to pick which commercials they would like to see in their day-to-day life. This is superior to the way advertising worked in the "television age." While irrelevant commercials can be annoying, ones which are delivered directly to your email detailing steals which would improve our life at a low price are consumer-friendly.

This is why it is critical that serious energy is put into a strong email ‘capturing’ campaign. It is the most flexible type of promotion. It is adaptable to whatever new trend is surging through the web. It is a safe e-asset hedge against failure of certain social media services.

Mark Kemp serves as a marketing executive for iXod Conversion Marketing, and is a top Internet Marketing Trainer providing a variety of coaching and training, including Email marketing and SEO, to business leaders and executives around the country.

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