How to Solve Unexpected Shut down Issues with PST File?

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  • Published December 19, 2009
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Microsoft Outlook stores messages, notes, tasks, contacts, appointments and journal entries in a personal storage folder. Also termed as .pst file or Outlook data file, the file serves as the local copy of your data. When Microsoft Outlook doesn't close properly, you experience an error that comes up while launching the application. The error states that Outlook data file has not been shut down properly and is being checked for consistency. Until the damage due to unexpected shut down is not severe, it is not an annoying issue for Outlook users. In Outlook 2003 and earlier versions, the application remains unusable until the check completes. However, this is not a major problem in Outlook 2007 as it checks its data file as a background process and displays the status through a system tray bubble. In critical situations, when errors are serious enough to damage the whole structure of file, you will need to restore the file from backup or run Inbox Repair Tool to repair it. You can alternatively opt for better and safe PST Repair tools.

To illustrate, you might encounter the below error message when attempting to start Microsoft Outlook:

"Outlook cannot open the data file 'filename' until it has been checked for problems."


"The data file 'filename' was not closed properly. This file is being checked for problems."


Possible causes that can turn into above error(s) are:

1-You killed Outlook.exe process through Task Manager the last time PST file was opened

2-The computer turned off unexpectedly when Outlook was still running

3-You closed Outlook exactly before shutting down Windows. This causes unexpected shut down as Outlook.exe process continues to run for sometime after you close it. Windows kills the process if you choose to shut down it immediately.


You should consider these recommendations to prevent and solve such problems:

1-Allow the PST file check and wait till it completes

2-Close Microsoft Outlook with a considerable time difference before you close Windows

3-Leave Outlook opened when shutting down Windows. This allows for proper shut down of the opened windows without killing the processes

4-If PST reports inconsistency errors, run Inbox Repair Tool to detect and repair them

5-If you still cannot start Outlook as PST is highly damaged due to corruption, consider restoring it from backup

6-Use Outlook PST Repair tools, which prove to be reliable and advanced file repair solutions for damaged or corrupted PST file.

PST Repair solutions comply to powerful scanning techniques to repair Outlook data file. These are comprehensive repair tools with impressive look and fast repair algorithms. The software prove effective to bring complete file repair results in any instance of corruption.

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