How to Send Text Messages Without Fear?

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  • Published January 6, 2010
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Life is a mystery and you may never know when you might need to send text messages anonymously. It may not always be for fun and frolic or expressing your heart-felt feelings to someone special. Sometimes, it may save a life or warn someone against an impending danger or foil a deadly conspiracy. Both sending text messages and sms text messaging, secretly, are useful weapons in your arsenal, to be used strategically, for the right effect.

To experience the thrill that anonymous sms text messaging presents, you may search for sites that offer this service, called anonymous text messaging service.

You are likely to find many websites offering similar services. Some would offer only sms text messaging and others would offer both. You may also come across websites that would give you one more alternative to send text messages anonymously, that is, to send USPS postcard.

Many of these sites would allow you to send text messages in a formatted manner by choosing from given backgrounds with custom formatting options. The sites would demand you to know either the phone number or the email address or the postal address of the target person(s) you wish to send anonymous text message to.

The email address would allow you send an anonymous email to the target by hiding the IP address and any other trail, whatsoever. The mobile number would facilitate sending an anonymous SMS and the postal address would allow you to send a USPS postcard. This may cost you a nominal amount, varying with site to site. However, you must be ready for additional postal expenses when sending a postcard.

This means of communications is as reliable and as safe as it proclaims. However, the organization behind the service may track your messages down for the purpose of restricting any profane, offensive, illegal, and obscene messages inappropriate in any manner, which may come to its notice.

Such sites offer to serve your desire to speak freely and without fear. Nevertheless, the sites must not be considered as a means to spread chaos or cause disturbance in someone’s life.

If found guilty, the sites may restrict or even ban you from using their facilities altogether! So, be discerning while expressing your feelings, sharing is fun again!

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