How to Recover Emails After Emptying Outlook Deleted Items Folder?

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Outlook Deleted Items folder is a trash for Outlook email messages. Under default Outlook settings, when you delete any email message from folders, like Inbox or Sent Items, it is first stored in Deleted Items folders before permanent removal. But if you empty the folder, no email recovery will be possible unless you have a valid data backup or apply a commercial application to Recover Deleted Email.

To illustrate such scenarios, consider you delete some of your emails from Inbox folder for some purpose, while considering to restore them later. But before restoring them, you empty the Deleted Items folder. This could also occur if you have selected the 'Empty the Deleted Items folder upon exiting' check box and quit the application before restoring the desired contents. This option automatically deletes the Deleted Items folder contents upon quitting. Thus, if you make this setting, it is suggested to select 'Warn before permanently deleting items' check box in Advanced Options.

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You can follow these suggestions to restore your emails:

  1. Exchange Server administrator provides a retention time period, under which you can recover deleted items from the server. For this to occur, you should perform the corresponding registry editing on your local computer and access the deleted emails before the retention time could elapse. So, if you use Microsoft Exchange Server email client and has configured the registry, you can again view those emails by clicking Deleted Items folder to use Recover Deleted Items command in Tools menu. This can even recover emails that have been hard deleted using Shift+Del key.

  2. If you use standalone account or you haven't configured the registry to access Recover Deleted Items command, you should opt for Deleted Email Recovery solutions. Built with highly advanced technology to recover deleted or lost Outlook emails, these tools provide you intelligent features. Such tools are easy to use with interactive design. These software can Recover Deleted Email without harming the actual contents. The tools work in each situation of accidental email deletion, use of Shift+Del or emptying the Deleted Items folder.

Stellar Phoenix Deleted Email Recovery is a robust solution to scan, locate and recover deleted Outlook PST emails. The software incorporates advanced Deleted Email Recovery algorithms to provide comprehensive results.. It supports Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. It is a safe tool that preserves the original formatting and contents of deleted emails.

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