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  • Published January 20, 2010
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Outlook Express email folders can get corrupt for several reasons and show typical symptoms, which include email sending or receiving issues. However, there can be other reasons too, which might result similar symptoms . Since OE provides no built-in utility to repair its files, you need to Recover Outlook Express using commercial utilities.

Consider a scenario when you try to send an email in Outlook Express:

(1) As you click to send the email message, an error displays that there has been errors sending the message.

(2) When you click the error tab to view its details, it appears as blank.

(3) You may observe that the message to be sent remains in Outbox, but the recipient receives its multiple copies.


There can be multiple reasons causing this behavior:

(1) Few ISP (Internet Service Provider) settings are incorrect.

(2) A security software software is installed that is scanning Outlook Express emails.

(3) Outlook Express identity is corrupt.

(4) Sent Items.dbx and/or Outbox.dbx file is corrupt


You should first analyze the problem and apply these methods to solve it:

(1) You should make sure for the correct ISP settings. Ensure that ISP name etc. have been correctly specified.

(2) If a security software is scanning the incoming and/or outgoing emails, this may lock them and corrupt the folder. You should disable and reconfigure them not to scan the folders.

(3) If the identity is corrupt, you need to recreate it as File| Identities | Add New Identity. Change this with the old one and try to duplicate the mentioned behavior after entering the account details.

(4) If your default mail folders, such as Items.dbx and/or Outbox.dbx are corrupt, you should delete or rename them. But this will not help to extract the previous emails. For this, you either need to use your backup or repair the corrupted files using Outlook Express Recovery software.

Note: When you recreate the identity, it regenerates the default mail folders. So, it can work as a temporary solution in case of folders corruption.

The third-party tools to Recover Outlook Express are automated tools that scan and repair a corrupted .dbx file using powerful scanning algorithms. These software enable easy and comprehensive .dbx file repair.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery is a highly competent mail recovery utility designed to repair corrupted DBX files. It supports Outlook Express 5.x and 6.x. It is an advanced and safe Outlook Express Recovery software that uses effective scanning algorithms. It can also repair *.eml messages that can be directly opened and viewed in Outlook Express.

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