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  • Author Bobby Petrov
  • Published January 31, 2010
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One way on how people can get their dream home, or an ideal home is by checking out the latest government auctions for confiscated, sequestered or seized homes.

Through the activity, governments are able to convert to cash the asset or property they have acquired legally. Many people are interested and excited about buying homes during such transactions because they find these homes priced practically.

It also follows that the homes auctioned by the government are quality houses whose values are definitely at premium or more than the tag prices attached to them through the auction process.

Here are some useful tips that could help you buy the perfect home during government auctions for seized houses.

  1. Seek the advise of experts. In this case, brokers or home agents will be the principal people you should deal with. The setback would be, that you have to pay them commission, making the acquisition price seem more.

  2. If you do not want to seek the help of agents or brokers or you simply do not want to pay commissions, rely on yourself and follow your instincts. Buying such houses would definitely not fall different from buying commodities or things at shops and department stores.

  3. Inspect the overall features of the house and find all the obvious flaws and ruins. That would make for significant discounts. Also consider the location of the house. If the location is easily accessible, then higher pricing is justified. Otherwise, haggle and point out the location factor.

  4. As much as possible stick to practical prices. Some government auctions are like bidding when the highest bidder gets the prize. Since the times are hard, those days are almost not happening anymore.

  5. Arrange for payments, whether it be in cash, in cheques, or in installment terms. Remember, you are dealing with the government, so expect the legalities and documentary aspects of the transaction to be really meticulous and tedious.

Buying homes during government auctions would not be a hard task, if you would only open up your mind and maintain focus. The name of the game is always focus, so do not lose it when you see your dream house. Keep your eyes on the house, and the tag price as well, and you would not go astray.

For listings of cheap seized cars, boats and homes, please visit

For listings of cheap seized cars, boats and homes, please visit

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