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  • Author Subramanian Kumar
  • Published February 11, 2010
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In the last few years people have said that free classified marketing is not what it used to be and I have also heard a lot of people say it doesn't work at all but I strongly disagree. In my opinion, the more free methods you use, the better off you will be no matter what they are. You've got your free safe list advertising, you've got your free link exchanges, you have your free article marketing and you've got

your free classifieds.

The time you spend getting your classified ads ready though is going to pay off huge dividends for you. There is no reason why you can't use this low cost method of advertising to your advantage. Make sure your ads are creative though so that they gain the attention of readers. You want them to have relevant information that will motivate them to find out more.

When I first started out online, free classified marketing was all I did and I made pretty fair money just doing that alone. Of course later on I started adding on more methods and began using the money for paid ads. Free classified advertising is also great to create what they call some seed money. That is money for you to be able to invest into your business like I did. So for anyone that is wondering about trying free classified advertising, I say do it. It has proven to work for many.

Neat up anything that is in need of a bit of a rub so that it shines like new - kid wipes or a soft cloth with normal household soap and water are a quick way of doing this. If your selected free classified posting service allows photographs, use a digital camera (borrow one if you don't have one) to take pics of each item including any damaged areas so that buyers can see them before agreeing to buy them.

Classifieds can be great to generate free website traffic. Some of them rank really well with the search engines and most of them are free! I will show you in a few easy steps how easy it is to accelerate your traffic with this frequently overlooked traffic generating technique.

You can usually add your URL within your ad for most free classifieds. Some of the most popular ones that you can post on are: Usfreeads, Graigslist, adpost, adleaf, and some other good ones. Search for them on google and check their Page Rank with Google toolbar. Use high PR classifieds that are free and where you can insert html or link

The guidelines that you have to meet with free classifieds weekly posting service offers will vary. That means you may need to modify your ads to fit their specifications. You will also find that some of these providers only allow listings for certain categories. Take the time to find out what the policies are so that you can get the most benefit from what you place with them.

It is as a good idea to explore the different free classifieds weekly posting service offers out there. You will find some that are very popular and they are great to post with. However, you will have less competition with those that are smaller and get less traffic. You also want to place your ads with them because there will be less competition in your same category.

As a result, the people that do visit the site and need such information will be more likely to follow up with your business. The more you can spread out your classified ads online the better off you will be. The chances of you getting traffic from all the different directions is very good.

My name is Subramanian. I am a marketing professional. I am sharing with you all I know about marketing.

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