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  • Published March 8, 2010
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Once you've nailed down the basics of email marketing, it's time to start training for your black belt. You can increase the responses returned

from your campaigns by learning a few formatting secrets. In this article you will learn some important factors to consider when personalizing your

email marketing campaigns; and some important tidbits about your textual content in your email marketing software campaigns.

You will definitely increase your response rate for your campaigns by personalizing your emails. Having a friendly and personal tone helps create a

relationship with your contacts. Addressing your contacts by name is one of the ways you can further solidify that relationship. You still have to

keep in mind that there are some issues you will want to consider while you are personalizing , which might have the opposite effect.

Make sure that your records are proper. If you are going to personalize your emails, then be certain that the Name category has the name of the

contact. You don't want your contacts to receive an email that says "Hello IBM Sales Rep." This will put off the mildest mannered contact, and hurt

your email relationship with that contact.

Also, make sure that you do not include every bit of information that you've gathered about that person. Presenting all of their contact

information back to the person you are emailing can be perceived as invasive and awkward.

You should abolish the practice of personalizing the subject line. A contact that wants to open the email because they see their first name in the

subject line will think they have received an email from a friend. When they find out the email is not from a personal contact, they are much more

likely to develop a negative relationship with your brand.

Your textual content is an important factor in ensuring that your brand remains in good standing when email marketing. Here are two more advanced

tips about text wrapping and the fonts that you choose.

There are so many different email programs out there, each one having its own unique way of interpreting textual info. So there is no way you can

be sure how your campaign will look in a contact's in box. Sometimes text wrapping can work against you because of this. The text wrap feature for

most email clients is set to occur at a certain number of characters. If the lines of your email go beyond that number your message will end up

looking chopped and very unprofessional. To get around this make sure that all your text wraps at between 60-70 characters. You can accomplish this

by pressing ENTER at the end of each line of 60-70 characters.

There are also some pitfalls to be aware in regards to the font you are using. Because of the various email clients out there, the default text

that you might use in your email marketing campaign might not be what the end user sees. There are variations in character size for different font

styles. Font styles are categorized into two main sections: proportional-pitch and fixed-pitch. Proportional fonts have varying sizes based on the

shape of the letter: for instance the 'I's in proportional fonts are going to be much smaller than the 'M's.

With fixed-pitch fonts, all the letters are the same size.

Here are some of examples of each:

Fixed width fonts: Courier, Courier New, Lucida console

Proportional fonts: Times Roman, Times new Roman, Helvetica, Arial

The problems will occur when the default font setting is different than yours. Your best bet is to always use a font that is fixed-pitch.

Once you learn the basics of email marketing you will have to start mastering the more sophisticated properties of email marketing. The above are

some of the secrets that the email marketing software Jedi keep hidden. You can increase the response from contacts by learning the best ways to

personalize your email campaigns and how to use the formatting to get the best results.

Rudy Barell is a Senior Account Executive with Elite Email, the #1 email marketingused by businesses around the globe. Experience how easy it is to build your mailing list, create eye-catching emails and track your success using detailed reports with the complete email marketing software. Try it free!

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