Volkswagen Oil Filter Provides Cleaner Oil For A Cleaner Engine

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  • Published May 17, 2007
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Adolf Hitler announced his plan to produce an affordable small car for the people of Germany in 1833 at the Berlin Motor Show. The result was the creation of the first Volkswagen car. Volkswagen's literal meaning is people's car. It is designed to become affordable and efficient enough for the use of the common people. To actually realize this project, Adolf Hitler met-up wit Ferdinand Porsche and discussed the whole idea. And this became the beginning of a rich and interesting history of the Volkswagen. Today, Volkswagen continues to reign as the number one car company in Europe.

Cleanliness is vital for the proper functioning of your Volkswagen's engine. One of the car parts that ensures this is the VW oil filter . The first modern oil filter was invented in 1923 by Ernest Sweetland. This oil filter was called Purolator, which was taken form Pure Oil Later. It was made of wire meshes and screen and was rather simple and ineffective.

The main task of the VW oil filter is to screen abrasive materials such as dusts and wear metals in the engine oil so as to prevent saturation and damage to the engine. These contaminants actually make-up about one-fourth of an oil make-up and with this, it can greatly affect the performance of the engine. Unknown to many, oil contaminants also include bacteria and other organisms that contribute to the eventual clogging of the engine.

There are two basic types of oil filters. The first one is the primary filter, which is mostly the standard type in engines. It is also called a full-flow filter since 100% of the engine oil passes through it. Also, it has its critical function of allowing the passage of smaller contaminants.

The second type is the secondary filter which only takes about 10% of the oil flow. It is also known as the bypass filter which acts independently from the primary filter. In some oil filters, both primary and bypass filters are used for better cleaning performance.

The oil filter media are the materials used in oil filters to screen contaminants. Among the earliest filter media used were cotton, fabrics like linen and wool. However, fiber glass and metal fabrics are the most popular ones nowadays.

It is advisable that you change your VW oil filter every 3, 000 miles to enjoy a clean and smooth-running engine. Preventive maintenance is still the best solution so as to avoid the costly repairs for a damaged engine.

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