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  • Published March 30, 2010
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The effectiveness of an email marketing campaign relies considerably on the email you send.The key elements of a successful marketing campaign are:

  • A targeted email marketing list

A targeted direct emailing list of recipients that subscribed to receive emails from you is one of the most important elements of a successful email marketing campaign.Identifying your subscribers' interests and dividing the email marketing list according to these criteria can enhance your email campaign's results substantially.

  • A successful subject line

In an email marketing campaign the subject line is essential as it determines the reader to open the email or to delete it.The goal of the subject line in a direct email marketing campaign is to determine the subscriber to open the message.In order to receive optimal results your email campaign's subject line has to be short and to the point.

Email marketers often test several versions of the subject line and choose the best one for their direct emailing campaign.

On the other hand, before getting to convince the recipient to open the email, it has to get past Spam filters.Spam filters are a big challenge for your email marketing campaign.Here are some spam phrases to avoid in your email marketing campaign's subject line: best price, act now, 100% satisfied, all new, bargain, best price, call free, click to remove, free leads, free offer, never, now, etc.Don't hesitate to use a spam checker to prevent filtering for every direct emailing campaign.

  • An email that is easy to read

Be aware that in an email marketing campaign three paragraphs are enough for your email. Each paragraph should treat no more than one argument.Use a conversational style when writing the email.Check the email for errors and spelling mistakes.

  • Opportunity to opt-out of your email marketing list

Receiving undesired emails can irritate the readers; give your subscribers the possibility to opt-out of your email marketing list.

  • Contact information

Send your subscribers emails from the same person's name for all your emailing campaigns.Make yourself accessible by including as much contact information as possible into your email (name, phone number, address, email address and website).

Following the recommendations above will make your efforts more prolific and will increase your chances of your emailing campaign's success.

Jean Martin is the email marketing expert of Direct Inbox, the company that offers high quality services in sending highly targeted email campaigns.

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