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  • Author Pamela Broom
  • Published April 3, 2010
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Computer savvy individuals always indulge in the upgradation spree. They want to avail the upgradation benefits of all the software they posses. They do not want to miss out on any features that are added in the updated software. To avail these latest features, they try and upgrade to the advanced versions of the software launched by the respective companies. Companies keep on launching new and updated versions of their software with some added benefits.

Versions of MS Outlook: Same is the case with Microsoft Outlook. Previous Outlook versions include Outlook 2000 and 2002, which save the files in ANSI PST format. Latest Outlook versions are 2003 and 2007, in which the files are saved in Unicode format.

A Luring Feature Of Newer Outlook Versions: The most luring advantage provided in the newer Outlook versions (2003 and 2007) is the size limit which is 20 GB as against the earlier 2 GB in the previous versions (Outlook 2000 and 2002).

Users Upgrade Outlook for 20 GB Advantage: Because of this 20 GB size limit advantage, most Outlook users today want to upgrade their Outlook from an older version to a newer version because they know - the bigger is the better!

No Feature in Outlook to Upgrade PST: Microsoft Outlook does not have any such feature which helps you to upgrade an old PST from ANSI format to Unicode. This makes it compulsory for Outlook users to look for outside options to upgrade Outlook PST files.

An MS Outlook Converter Tool: SysTools Software Group, a world leader in developing software products for data conversion, data recovery and associated aspects has a great product for Outlook PST file conversion. SysTools PST Upgrade software helps you to convert Outlook PST files. You can use this software to upgrade Outlook PST files and even to downgrade PST files.

This PST file converter tool helps you to perform Outlook PST file conversion quickly in just a few minutes. Also, this Outlook PST convert tool is very easy-to-use. The questions – "How to convert ANSI to Unicode?" and "How to upgrade PST file?" will not raise in your mind as this MS Outlook converter software has a self-descriptive and highly familiar interface with simple to understand screen instructions that you can follow and perform the conversion.

SysTools is a globally acclaimed company producing various products for different data related requirements like data recovery, data conversion, and much more. SysTools has many satisfied clients worldwide and this number is exceeding every day. SysToolsPST Upgrade tool is a solution forOutlook PST file conversion.

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