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  • Author Mamta Papneja
  • Published April 18, 2010
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There have been numerous and drastic changes in the world of internet in recent years. Many new sites with different and special services and themes attracted the world of internet. Classified websites are among such sites. These sites were generally created for posting different types of classifieds. They requested people to diversify their ads from newspapers and post the ads in their sites. So a significant response was noted for these sites.

In the mean time some sites sprung up with different idea of limiting their sites for posting in a particular category. Thus the classifieds for single product or thing came up. Some classifieds limited their sites for posting ad that were related to automobiles while others for real estate and so on. A user can simply go to a classified site where only car resellers post their ads, if a user is searching for a car. By this way he can save a lot of time by searching in a specific product related classified site. While the other general classified sites include all the categories that are related to a person in his daily needs.

These days online advertising through classified sites has become more and more popular. These sites have also become useful for both the sellers and buyers. This has resulted in a strong competition among the classified websites. The on going competition has forced a number of websites to offer free services to its users. This development of classified sites has benefited the user as he has no more need to look at his debit or credit card to post ads. Now a user can sit relaxed after posting his ads in his choicest site and wait for the responses to arrive. Thus it can be said that the competition among the various classified sites have brought a satisfaction on the users face.

In recent years some classified sites have become paid sites to post free classified ads. It all depends upon the popularity and the responses they receive from the users. In the end we can sum up that the best classified sites are those sites in which all the categories are listed and that offer their service freely. So, when we look around for any classified site then we must have all these things in mind and we will get more responses for our ad without investing our valuable money or time.

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