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Looking for an effective email marketing strategy is not hard, you have only got to look at the email opt in method. This method of getting traffic is very effective, and it does not attract just any old traffic but attracts useful targeted traffic.Take a look at this article and it will point out some very useful tips on how to improve your email marketing strategy.

First what is opt in emails well it is NOT unsolicited emails, in fact it is emails that have been asked for by your prospective customers. This form of contact e mail marketing is definitely NOT SPAM. Where spam is an email that is sent to thousands of people that have not asked for it, opt in e mail is e mail that has been requested by individuals who are interested in what you have to offer.

Email marketing opt in should be offering useful information, newsletters, advice on your particular topic, helpful articles and promotional offers ( preferably free promotional offers). An example of this is say a visitor is interested in golf and your site is about golf, then he or she can opt in to receive emails on that specific topic.

You could also offer the email opt in customer a discount on all products purchased by them, this offer being available only to opt in e mail customers. Use this as a way of saying thank you for being a valued customer.

This form of direct email marketing maybe more expensive as in time consuming and organizing, but it is well worth it, as it has been proven to be more effective than bulk e mail marketing.

The email opt in uses several methods to attract targeted customers. The "single opt in" list is a strategy used by inviting a visitor to sign up by the way of a web application form. When they complete and send the application, they then become a member of your list.

You can take this a little further by asking prospective members to confirm their subscription by e mail, this known as a "double opt in". This "double opt in" confirms and supports the fact that the viewer has subscribed to your opt in email list. This way of submitting to an opt in list is recognized as a "non spam" method of communication in an online business.

There are companies on the internet that will rent an email list of addresses that have opted to accept a commercial e mail. Be aware that these lists may not be for your topic, also these companies charge a fee for renting you the list.

It is true that some of these are bona fide companies, that will supply you with a list that can be relevant to your topic. If they are reputable companies then this method of marketing could be beneficial to you. This method of marketing can be expensive so beware.

Opt in "series" email marketing and promotion is another method you can use and it works like this, you offer a free sample of your product, a free gift or a free informative article in your website. This works well with a pop up window, when your visitor submits their name and e mail address they then receive a free gift.

Now they have subscribed to receive a "series" of emails on your topic, the best "series type" is to offer free and valuable information on your topic. If they have a problem that is relevant to your topic, then advise them on how to solve the problem.

Give a good quality " email series" and this will build a trusting relationship with your customer. This method can be personalized and automated once you have built the basic structure.

Here are some points to look at:

  1. Never ever buy other peoples "opt in lists" because existing customers of that list will want to receive emails from original owner and not you.

  2. Never buy or use programs that offer "millions of e mail addresses and a bulk emailer program"

  3. Never sell your e mail list because your customers want the product that you have on offer.

  4. Think about using the "double opt in" email method this safeguards the SPAM effect.

  5. Do not try to hide your identity in any way.

  6. Check out forums and other platforms that are in your niche, these are a good source of collecting targeted customers

  7. Provide an unsubscribe link in your e mail.

Use these tips about email marketing opt in to improve your email marketing strategy and e mail marketing campaign, and you will find it beneficial to your online business. Good luck.

Tom Wilson writes articles with the intent of offering correct interesting and useful Internet business information.

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