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  • Published April 9, 2010
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If you are AOL Email users on Internet and if you frequently send an Email to a large group of the same recipients’ then creating an AOL Email distribution list will help you out. This is often called a "group." These lists are easy to create. If you once create it, sending an Email to the entire group will be quick and easy. For this you just need an AOL Email account and Internet connection. Just follow some simple steps and do it all by yourself.

Firstly, just log into your AOL Email account. After this, you will find places to enter your username and password in the upper right-hand side of the screen. When you will enter this information, just allow the AOL Email to completely load. Secondly click on "Contacts" on your screen. Thirdly, just click on "New" on the next screen. By this option the screen will display a list of additional options. Then just click on "New List." Just enter a simple name for your new distribution list in the box which is there next to the "Distribution List Name."

Next just enter the list of Email addresses that you would like to include on this distribution list in the next box, which is labeled as "Add Contacts." Just remember to separate all individual Email addresses with a comma. Then click "Create." Therefore now you are ready to send an Email to the entire group. Lastly just click "Compose." Always remember that in the "To" field, you have to type in the name that you gave your distribution list. Now for a trial, just compose your message and click send.

With these above steps you can create a group Email. But sometimes you face problems to delete an AOL Email address. As creating an Email account with AOL is easy, but unfortunately it is not easy to close an account. AOL always offers Email addresses to those with paid AOL accounts, as well as to those who create AOL Instant Messenger screen names. But AOL never offers any deactivation link for users of either of these services, thus you have to cancel you account through a phone call, letter or fax.

If you do not sign into your Email account for six months, then it automatically gets deactivated. But unfortunately there is no way to fully delete an AOL Email account which is tied to an AOL Instant Messenger account. You can call to AOL and you can cancel your account if you are subscribed to AOL with a paid account. This line is a direct cancellation line.

You just have to say "cancellation" when your call is answered. At first you will initially speak to an automated teller, but when you answer your security question you will be transferred to a live operator. You can even print and fill out a simple. PDF form online at a website on which you can cancel your Internet provider; you can even mail the completed form to AOL’s address. By this way you can delete your AOL’s Email account.

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