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  • Published May 5, 2010
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It is often a matter of debate that which is the best way of searching through classifieds? Different people have different opinion over this matter. A majority of people find it tough and inconvenient to search through the traditional Craigslist classified listing, as it lacks in several features and people have to visit through several search results one by one to find the result of their interest.

Due to the complexity and lack of advanced search features at, very few people use the traditional mode of searching through classifieds. Nowadays, there are several search tools specially developed to make Craigslist searches simpler. Most of the Craigslist searches are made through these third party innovative Craigslist search tools.

Benefits of Craigslist Classified Search Tools

There are several benefits of using a third party tool of website for Craigslist classified search. A common feature of these search website is that they reduces the need of selecting a particular city or geographical region. If someone is using search tool, then there are no more hassles of changing cities and doing the same search again and again in Craigslist.

People can search classifieds from every city and all categories within in one search. It reduces the time and efforts required in finding a property, job, or used car sale classified easily.

Advanced Search Features

People can enjoy several advance search features if they search through a dedicated website for classified search. They can compare the different searches of their interest and save them for future consideration. Some websites made is easy to keep people updated about new classifieds being posted in a category of their interest using RSS feeds. The person just has to subscribe for the RSS feeds in that category.

The third party craigslist classified search tools are a great help for people looking for a job or a property on rent. Visiting a website that allows job seekers to put in the cities and categories they want to search in one go will help make the job-seeking task much easier and less time consuming.

In summary, there is no doubt about the usability of third party websites of search tools offering easy search. It is certainly the best way to search enormous classifieds or advertisements posted on through third party dedicated Craigslist websites. Aforementioned reasons are enough to describe the usability and ease of using them.

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