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  • Published May 24, 2007
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Man's thrill for speed can best be satiated with super-cars. Super-cars were made to give a taste of new extremes to mankind. They have powerful engines specially build lighter bodies which allow them to reach high maximum speeds at amazing accelerations.

With a big increase in the number of modified cars in the last few years and easier availability of parts, it's never been easier or more tempting to 'pimp your ride'. But many people get caught out on the details of what's legal and what's not. With this in mind, the following article aims to provide information to help you stay on the right side of the law when modifying your vehicle.

Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is the tuning of an engine to increase the power output, torque, and responsiveness of the engine as well as the reliability and economy. To performance tune the engine, it must be strong enough to endure the extra power, sometimes far stronger than the standard engine. Also when Performance Tuning the car you must take into account the transmission, suspension and the brakes to make sure that these match the power output and torque of the engine as this will affect the overall performance of the car and make it more reliable and competitive.

Tinted Windows

Different levels of tinting are permitted depending on the position of the window in question. Rear windows may be tinted to any degree, but driver and front passenger windows as well the windscreen must not impair vision.

Carburetor Tuning

Carburetor servicing or tuning makes sure that all the parts are in working condition. There are several reasons why a carburetor may stop functioning or may not function to its full capacity, including gasoline resins or dust particles clogging the carburetor jets, gumming up of the throttles and stickiness of the choke valves.

Tuning may involve replacing some of the parts that are available as carburetor kits. Tuning a carburetor ensures that the engine is in good working condition. Carburetors are affected by several conditions like unfavorable climate, different types of fuel, the terrain, and the type of riding. There is not time limit for carburetor tuning; it should be done whenever the ride was dusty or when the roads are muddy.

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