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  • Author Neville Pettersson
  • Published May 24, 2010
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Customer care systems WILL enhance your bottom line profits! If you keep regular contact with your clients your business WILL be more successful. Keeping regular contact with past subscribers is perhaps the most overlooked part of marketing for most businesses. Not following up or corresponding with previous clients is, without uncertainty, the most disregarded  side of marketing for most small business owners.This is a COLOSSAL over sight as it is the one feature of marketing with the highest ROI. This may well be the basis behind why 80% of businesses close down inside the first year. It should not be ignored. Do you currently get your customers details? If not, then you should be! An up-to-date database of paying regulars is an  extremely valuable asset to ANY business. Having a database WILL also raise the value of your business. The real worth of your business is your record of clients and the techniques you implement to attain those regulars and to keep them coming back. If you have a roll of clients in your ownership you have a valuable asset as you have the ability to proactively produce sales. Creating business is a snap if you have these methods in ready. To get going you can either purchase a specialty database or if you don't want to fork out the funds, start off with Microsoft Excel. You CAN hire with a local or online agency to handle your database, but I'd recommend starting your own excel database and controlling it yourself. Creating your own excel database is free (if you have Microsoft Office) and you'll learn the basics of database management.

Setting up your database properly from the start will save you plenty of time and hassle in the long run. It's essential to set up your excel database properly to  keep away from any errors down the road. Once you have your regulars on a catalog the most important task from here is to keep in contact with them. Now, the next step is to create systems  to keep in contact with the regulars in your  roll. The post or email is the most efficient means to do this and is the most obvious choice of method here. Just envisage that you were receiving, over a twelve month period from your local cafe, a newsletter every three months, together with a birthday card including a gift voucher, as well as regular prize draws and discount vouchers. The next time you wanted to go out somewhere to eat who would you think of first? Obviously you would go to the restaurant that had kept in contact with you...correct?. Of course you would it's only natural. 99% of the time you'd go to the restaurant that kept in good contact with you. This is the exact reason why intelligent business people keep a clientele list and also why these astute business owners keep in contact with their clientele record regularly.

In any business if you become part of your customer's life then they will automatically become part of your business. Top your customers expectations and you will be remembered forever! The quickest way to develop your record is to carry out a prize draw or raffle where your clientele have to submit  their details to enter. Make sure the prize really good or else your opt-in rate won't be good. The following month it could perhaps be a weekend away at a quaint spa or whatever. All you need to do is roll out a different promotion each month. It's that easy. Keep at it month after month and watch your database grow.

About The Author:This piece is written by Neville Pettersson. Neville manages a small business marketing company in Christchurch, NZ. He has designed this website as an important reference for small business owners to keep in touch with their customers. Visit the website at:Excel Database

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